Your Family Fun Guide To Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, right? Well there’s no one that I adore more than my two sons. As a family, our aim each year is to embrace everything. Every celebration, holiday and every single special day. So Valentine’s day is no different. We don’t go ‘all out’ or anything.... but there are some cute little ways that you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with your children. I hope that Valentine’s Day shows my children to spread love rather than hate and that love is something to be celebrated and indulge in. You can celebrate Valentine’s Day in a family fun way rather than a dating way; here are some great ideas on how you can do that.  

  1. Heart Reminders. Get some red hearts and write on them reasons why you love your children. Stick them all over the house in the lead up to Valentine’s Day. That way, the children will go about their day finding beautiful reminders on why they are our whole world. You can get some heart sticky notes here. 
  2. Homemade Cards. Adults don't have to be the only ones to send Valentine's day cards. My boys love making cards and they can do this for Valentine's Day. Be it Grandma, Daddy, their best buddy or their girlfriend or boyfriend; they will enjoy giving someone a card that they've spent their time on. There are some great glitter hearts here that are easy to peel for little fingers.
  3. Draw some pictures with the theme of love. It’s a great way to see what your children thinks of love right now, maybe it’s their family, their favourite cartoon or lots of red hearts. 
  4. Get crafty. We love getting crafty for all occasions so Valentine’s Day is no different. I don’t even know where my thought process was going, but here are some items that I got from hobbycraft this year. I’ll sit the boys down one day and see what they want to make with it. 
  5. Bake! There are some cute treats that can be made for Valentine’s Day. And what better way to anyone’s heart then by delicious food. Here is my Pinterest board which has some great bakes.   

    Family Fun Guide to Valentine's Day

  6. Make a special meal on the night. What’s everyone’s favourites? You could make dinner into a mini buffet style meal. Get the children involved. My boys love it when I ask them to cook dinner with me. Or you could get a takeaway in. 
  7. Do a fun Valentine’s Day treasure hunt. You don’t have to go out and get prizes for this, for me some simple heart shaped chocolates will be used, but make up some clues that they can follow around the home after school to find their treasure! A Quarter Of has some amazing sweets on offer- click the link on the side to get taken to their website. 
  8. No high expectations. As always approach the day with low expectations. The worst feeling is to be let down, so don’t expect your child to love the celebrations or fully get involved. Don’t expect everything to be glorious and instagrammable! Just enjoy the little moments of this family time celebrating Valentine’s Day. Because it is the small moments that truly count. 
  9. Get a Valentine's Day activity book for the children to fill in. We got one from Sainsburys but this Colour by Number one looks great too. 
  10. Make some homemade decorations. Something like this is perfect to get the children involved and is simple enough to hang up.
For some more ideas check out last year's post; 6 ways to celebrate Valentine's Day. 

Valentine's Day has definitely changed for me over the years. Gone are the days where I'd look forward to being taken out on a date, now I just look forward to showering my children in cuddles and kisses and celebrating the best of all the loves; love for my children. What do you do for Valentine's day? Pop a comment below, I would love to hear from you. 

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