10 Tips To Help Keep You Sane In The Lead Up To Christmas

In two weeks exactly it will be Christmas Day! For me, this is months of preparation and planning about to reach its peak and I see all of my hard work pay off. Well I don’t know about you, but I have had heaps on lately. From extra things to remember for school like their costumes or tickets for the raffle and school play, reaching the deadline for the school homework that’s due in to still sorting ourselves out from our recent house move (blog post still to come on that one).

This time of the year there is so much to remember and so many extra events to attend. We also try to do an advent activity countdown and I’ll be the first to admit we’ve not been sticking to this as strictly this year as time hasn’t quite allowed us to. So what will I be doing over the next 2 weeks to make sure that I’m on top of it all and keeping sane? 

  1. I’ve said it many times; make lists! Seriously- blurt all of your thoughts and to do's onto paper to get a more organised system to getting bits done. To take it up a notch, try catorgorising them into ASAP jobs and lead that down into 'want to do' jobs. It’s impossible to get everything done in a day, as I have discovered many a times. So each day tackle 3 ASAP jobs and 1 'want to do' job. You’ll soon see those lines of chores crossed out or ticked off and start to feel more accomplished. 
  2. Get the bedding and towels washed the week before Christmas. Then you know everything is fresh and clean for the Christmas week! Get anything ready for guests too so that you're not rushing about when they arrive. In fact, try to keep on top of your washing these next two weeks, especially if you are planning on going away. 
  3. Make a list of food you still have to buy. If you order online get a slot quickly- although I’m sure the best have gone by now- but get that booked in to tick another worry off the list. If not, can you break down the nightmare shop into a couple of smaller less daunting trips? Perhaps go for the longer date items this week then leave the meat and fresh items until the end of next week. Plan your Christmas menu and don't forget to check for any dietary requirements for any guests. 
  4. Worried you may need any last minute presents? Buy a voucher or two, or something generic that can come in handy for anyone in case someone surprises you with last minute gifts. 
  5. Check your diary and make sure you’ve got reminders stored on your phone for anything that is coming up over the next couple of weeks. It’s easy to forget things this time of year. I’ve been making reminders on my phone for any mufti days or basically anything I need to remember for school. I also put down my social slots onto both my phone and calendar so I don’t double book myself. 
  6. Need anything deep cleaning before the big day? Get that done early so that you can just top up the cleaning nearer the time. I have cleaned out my fridge this morning, done a service on my washing machine and the past week the windows and doors have all been cleaned. Next week I will give each room a good going over then housework can be forgotten, other than the quick top up cleaning, until the new year. 
  7. Remember to take some time out to enjoy yourselves this festive season. Why not go on a Christmas lights walk or drive? Or curl up with some hot chocolate and a Christmas movie. Check out my blog post on our advent activities for more ideas on how to have some festive fun this December. 
  8. Make sure the end of term goes plain sailing and don't forget your presents and cards for teachers. Also if you're planning on doing homemade treats for gifts, then make and deliver those over the next week. 
  9. Make sure any batteries are brought and any video recorders are charged up for the big day. Nothing is worse than the children opening up a toy and discovering they can't play on it until the shops open because it doesn't come with batteries. We got lucky last year and a local garage was open for us to do a mad dash to get some batteries. This year I am taking over my tub of batteries so I can be prepared. 
  10. Go through the day in your head- that's the only way that you can see in your mind if you are missing something, or need to get anything ready. Once you've done that, write a list and set reminders to get those final pesky tasks done. Then get ready to enjoy Christmas.  
What tasks have you got to get done by Christmas? Do you feel ready for Christmas? These next two weeks will fly by so quickly. I'm so excited for the big day. It's true what they say; Christmas excitement actually peaks when you have Children because it's down to us to create the magic and see the reward on their amazed, happy faces. 

I will be taking some time out at Christmas to enjoy my lovely little family and away from blogging. Look out for a new post in the new year. I've got so many exciting ideas for this blog and I can not wait to work on it all in the new year and to show you all. Thank you for your continued support and loyalty this past year. Don't forget to follow us on social media (Links below) to keep an eye out on what we're up to over the festive period. 

Until then, Tiny Toes and Big Adventures wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

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