5 Perks of Teaching Your Kid to Clean Their Own Room

This is a fabulous guest post that was sent into me by Alex Farley. Cleaning the house is such a tedious chore for us all, so how amazing would it be if the children could lend us a helping hand? Well, Alex shows us some more perks below of teaching your kid to clean their own room: 

Parenting is definitely not an easy job! You are constantly thinking about the best ways to teach your kids certain values, and you constantly ask yourself if you’re doing it right. We know how hard parenting can be and how sometimes it's impossible to engage your kids in any type of tasks they do not want to do. Assigning them cleaning tasks is never an easy job and there are lots of tips on how to make it more entertaining for them. However, there is always that kid that refuses to do the tasks, that little rebel! We are here to give you some reasons why teaching your kid to clean their own room is necessary and what perks it brings for them in their whole life!

According to some school counselors, teaching your kid to clean and organise their own room can have a very positive impact on their grades. It is important to assign your kid different cleaning chores at home, because it helps them be more organised with their school assignments too. They learn to do their homework tasks and bring them to school, as well as getting home papers for their parents. Being organised and keeping track of time is helpful in every person’s life. Teaching your little kid to this will be a great perk on the long run.

Growing up is one beautiful process, every human being does, throughout their whole life. They always keep learning things and bettering themselves in various ways. The beginning of their lives, however, and the home environment, are very essential for their education. The best perk for your kid, to learn them while growing up, is to teach them how to be responsible. Giving them cleaning tasks in their own rooms is the best way, because that exact room is their fortress, their own private space. When you clean the whole house, and if your kid doesn’t do anything to change the appearance of their own room, explain to them that they have to be a part of your healthy family, where everyone has cleaning tasks and does them. Even if kids refuse to do the tasks, try engaging them in cleaning with more imagination. Teaching them to be responsible, for their own space and possessions is a very valuable quality, which every person should have. Teach them that relying on others to do your job is never the right way. Helping is one thing, leaving it to others is a completely different one!

Help them manage their time! If you have assigned a certain cleaning task to your kid, give them a certain amount of time to complete it, corresponding to their age. If the kid waits until the last minute and time is never enough, help them do the cleaning task, but tell them that the next time they have to do something, they will have less time to complete it, or you will not help them. Step by step, your kid will learn how to do everything in time and if it turns out to be a procrastinator, don’t judge them, because procrastination makes people do the job at the last minute, but they are still capable of completing the whole assignment in time!

Something else your kids will learn from cleaning around the house, is to value work. With time they will notice that if they have done the chores right, you will say something encouraging or even give them awards. That will motivate them to be better the next time, because everyone loves to hear a good word for themselves every now and then. This will also make them realise that the awards and the appreciation comes when they deserve it somehow. Not doing a thing doesn’t make anyone be positive about your behaviour.

Gradually, your kids will learn to appreciate the smallest things in life, beginning from the cleaning tasks. If you tell them to clean the floor and then make a mess all over, they will definitely not be happy to see that. Cleaning requires attention and care and should be respected. They will both learn how much work is required to complete a cleaning task and at the same time, that they should respect other’s efforts!

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