What Easter Has In Store For Us; Easter Activities and Gift Ideas

Easter is only a couple of weeks away now. I thought I would do this blog post on what Easter has in store for us, in order to give you all some ideas for gifts and activities this Spring time. 

So what are we doing this Easter? 

On Good Friday, we will most likely have a nice lie in (ha!) and then have a slow, relaxing day as we will be having such a busy weekend. If I need any last ingredients or items for the weekend, then this will be our chance to grab it and I will either bake the cheesecake today or tomorrow. I made this no bake mini egg cheesecake last June, but I thought it would be a great pudding for Easter Sunday. I was tempted to make a show stopper cake- like this amazing garden inspired cake I did last year. But I am baking a dinosaur cake for the Sunday beforehand so I think cheesecake is the way forward this Easter. I am going to make two mini ones; one mini egg and one creme egg. Make sure you're following us on Instagram (link below) to find out how that goes. 

The weekend before is my youngest's 4th birthday so on the Easter Saturday, we will be heading to Gulliver's Dinosaur and Farm Park in Milton Keynes for his birthday treat. He is absolutely dinosaur mad, so as you can imagine, we are all pretty excited. 

On Easter Sunday we will be spending the day with family and will do our very own Easter Egg Hunt in my parents garden. I have been collecting some Easter eggs ready for this annual event in our family; these are the eggs we have purchased this year: 

Tesco Basket Of Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs

Nestle Smarties Easter Egg Hunt

We also got a cheap bag from BMs of chocolate eggs and a big bag of Haribo for the hunt from Morrisons. 

On Easter Monday we will then have a nice family day, just the 4 of us. I will take the boys off for the day and see what local events are on in the area. Or maybe for a walk down the beach or in the forest to burn off the calorific Easter eggs we will have been chomping on. 

Easter weekend marks the beginning of the Easter holidays for us, so there will be lots more family time and outings to come. 

What have I got the boys this year? 

Each year, I tend to get a little chocolate but then I get usually Easter themed activity books, story books and a gift. Well, my boys have grown up a little since last year and were determined to pick their own gift this year. As the eggs are a total surprise, I did allow this. My eldest chose; A Pokemon Plush. He chose Magikarp. My youngest chose; A Schleich Dinosaur.

The eggs I have gotten are: 

MilkyBar Chicken In An EggKinder Surprise DC Comics Egg Tesco Milk Chocolate Lollies Despicable Me Easter EggCheeky Monkey Stick PackWhite Chocolate Bunny Pack, and a Super Mario Easter Egg.

In their gift bag, I will place the gifts and books. The books I got this year are; 

Lego City: Follow That Easter Egg BookEaster Egg Sticker BookThe Story Of The Easter Bunny Board Book and We're Going On An Egg Hunt Activity Book.

I have got a little nephew to treat this year. As he isn't weaning ready yet, I have gotten the following gifts for him for Easter: 

That's Not My Lamb BookOBall Rattling Rocket and a cute vest from Nutmeg in Morrisons. 

The Activities: 

I've got several different activities and crafts to do in the lead up to Easter and during the Easter holidays. I shall link to some of these below: 

Easter BINGOScratch Art Egg DecorationsEgg Basket Easter Suncatcher Easter Foam Stickers to make cards with and an Easter Egg Crafts Kit. 

I'm hoping that the boys will really enjoy Easter and the Easter holidays this year. I've tried to put a lot of thought into it all, but this time of the year is so manic for our family that I worry I will miss something. Now, it's time to put the bags and ideas together to make it the best Easter yet. 

If you need anymore ideas; check out my Pinterest board here for Easter. And why not click on some of the links below? These are things I wish I had gotten this year for Easter! 

Go Create Easter Hunt Activity Pack From Tesco

Giant Spring Bumper Craft Tub

Egg Foam Shapes

Paint Your Own Wooden Easter Egg

What do you tend to do for Easter and buy for Easter? Are you all prepared? Pop a comment below, I would love to hear from you. Are you in need of some more Easter activity ideas? Check out my post from last year 8 ideas for the Easter holidays.

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