I Threw My 4 Year Old A Dinosaur Party....

My youngest is absolutely dinosaur obsessed. He has dinosaur everything; underwear, T-shirts, nightwear, bedsheets, teddies, toys, books and a large wall sticker. You name it, he's got it. And he just wants more and more dinosaurs. Everyday he gets his dinosaurs out and places them in a little imaginative scene where they have to stay all day long. I can’t even tidy them up at all. He loves them so much. So when it came to planning his birthday, I knew exactly what to do.

The Presents: 

When I asked my Son what he wanted for his birthday, I got one answer; 

"Dinosaurs! Lots and lots of dinosaurs!" 

It was pretty fun and easy to go with this theme. His main present was this Jurassic Clash play set from Smyths (No longer available online) for £40. 

Some of the other presents we got included; 

Dino Valley Attack Helicopter

National Geographic Dinosaurs Play Set

How To Look After Your Dinosaur Book 

Brainbox- My First Pictures Game

Orchard Toys Mini Dinosaur Dominoes

There were a few other presents thrown into the mix but this is just a sample of some of them. The majority of his presents were dinosaurs, but there were a few other bits and bobs too. Thank goodness he didn't go off dinosaurs by the time it was his birthday! That's always a massive worry of mine once I've got the presents sorted, as I usually start buying them a little in advance to spread the costs. So, I always fear that they will go off what they've asked for by the time their birthday comes around. I also wrapped the presents in National Geographic Red Dinosaur Paper and ordered a National Geographic Dinosaur Card personalised from www.FunkyPigeon.com

The Cake:

This was probably the biggest challenge when it came to planning my Sons dinosaur birthday. Once he had decided he wanted a dinosaur party, (which was also the theme last year) I realised I needed to check what the cake situation was. I usually buy from the supermarket if I'm honest, although I do love to bake. I am not the best cake decorator so shop brought would have been far less stressful. However, at last years dinosaur party, I had to buy a DinoTrux Cake as there were no other dinosaur cakes out there. This applied again this year. 

So in advance, I started to search online for inspiration for cake ideas, knowing I'd have to make it myself this year. So I found a scenic dinosaur cake, and decided this was the best option. I did not feel brave enough to mould a dinosaur cake and smoothly cover it with icing, nor did I fancy moulding little dinosaurs out of icing. So a scenic cake was the way forward. I ordered this bag of mini dinosaurs from Amazon for just £1.57. What a bargain, these were amazing quality for the price. And bonus- my Son got even more dinosaurs for his birthday. So, I made a devils chocolate food cake, added chocolate icing, a blue icing waterfall, crushed oreos for dirt and I added the toy dinosaurs to the cake. I also got some green icing for greenery and I disinfected some of the trees my Son already owned in his toy box to add to the cake. For another finishing touch, I ordered chocolate pebbles from eBay. It took me 6 and a half hours to bake the cake. I was exhausted on Saturday. 

The Party:

For the second year in a row, I ended up ordered this pack of Dinosaur Party Supplies from Amazon for £15.26. I found some dinosaur fabric in my crafts box too and my Mum kindly made some bunting for the party too, which is a bonus as now I can hang that in my boy's room for a new decorative feature. I got a discounted Dinosaur helium balloon in the Toys R Us Sale (not available online) which I took to a local card shop where I also paid for some of the dinosaur balloons out of the party supplies to be blown up. Another feature to add to the party were these Inflatable Dinosaur Decorations from Amazon for £4.15, which again my Son could keep afterwards. 

This year we just had a small family party, but as my family is quite large it was a room full of people that my Son absolutely adores, eating lots of food and having fun with his new dinosaurs. 

The Food:

We decided to do an all day buffet for my Son's birthday. It's amazing what dinosaur themed food you can get! Check out these Dinosaur Shaped Cheese from Tesco! I also had a dinosaur shaped sandwich cutter from last year, so I used this to do the sandwiches. We pretty much did standard party food; a greek salad, sausage rolls, crisps, cocktail sausages, pineapple and cheese, jacket skins, chicken legs, cucumbers, dips and vegetable crudités and break sticks. In the evening we did more of a hot buffet with pasta bake and mini pizzas as a couple of the food items. 

The Special Day:

We woke up really early, the clocks had gone forwards so when I thought it was 7am that the boys were waking, really it was 6am. We were shattered, but my little man was so excited so that helped to spur us on. The presents were done in a flash. We spent the rest of the day playing with all of the new toys, cooking, finishing off the cake and watching Jurassic Park movies. We were with our family and we just had the best day celebrating his birthday. 
The Outcome:

I'm really pleased with how my Son's dinosaur party turned out. Considering he had a dinosaur themed birthday last year too, I definitely think we upped our game this year and made the theme even better than last year. I am going to keep the inflatable dinosaurs and the table cloth just incase he decides he wants another dino themed bash next year. 

Doesn't time fly? I wrote This Birthday Letter to my Son 2 years ago now. Why do they have to grow up so quickly? He still makes me so proud everyday. He's such a champ. Have you ever thrown a dinosaur party before? What is your child obsessed with? Pop a comment below, I would love to hear from you! 

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