How It Felt When I Became An Aunty

When I found out that my sister was pregnant, I was excited for her, happy for her. But I didn't really know what it meant for me. Perhaps it meant nothing. Afterall, I have two beautiful babies of my own. Even if they are all child aged now. 

It then dawned on me after a few days that I was going to be an Aunty. The only person in my family to not have a title like this yet. An Aunty. A new role for me as a person. And my husband would be an uncle. This was both suddenly exciting and interesting for us. 

As the weeks went by I was then excited by the fact that this would be a new addition to the family. A play mate for my boys. And then when I saw the scan my eyes welled up. I got emotional. Happy emotional. This tiny little baby on the ultra sound scan picture was MY niece or nephew. Blood. And I felt love. Already. I felt the tears prick my eyes. Loving tears. Excited tears. I just looked at it and thought, "I'm going to love you. And so are my boys" I knew that we would make sure that they felt that love and have our company for the rest of our lives. They may not be mine, but they are my family. They are blood.

I suddenly felt such pride. Pride that they'd produced something so beautiful. A baby. A family member for us all to love and protect. I've got an awesome family. And now we're growing. And I can't wait to hold this baby. I can't wait to be an aunt. 

I wrote the above whilst my sister was pregnant, sometimes a few of my blog posts I write steadily, bit by bit. This was one of them. My little nephew decided to arrive early. The shock of his arrival was felt all around. But we all rallied together and made sure that he had everything he needed. He even got to enjoy his first Christmas at home. Now this little bundle of joy is almost 2 months old. And nothing could have prepared me for the love I feel. 

It isn’t the same love I feel for my children, but it is Aunty love. Protective love. Family love. And seeing my two own gorgeous little men holding this newborn baby filled me with such pride and hope for the future. A hope that these 3 special chaps in my life grow up healthy, and strong and happy and that they remain the best of friends. I know my two are besotted with him. They look forward to seeing him and they just constantly want to hold and cuddle him. I do too. They are already asking for sleepovers with him. Their faces light up around him and they are so very gentle with him. I can't wait to, in time, see them playing with toys or a football together. I really hope that they grow up as best friends. 

I had the most heartwarming morning with him the other week. My sister was rushing around getting ready after a particularly hard newborn night of feeding, so I top and tailed him, clothed him and fed him. Then I cuddled him. Looking down at his innocent, beautiful face, I realised just how amazing it is being an Aunty. No, this isn’t my baby, I don’t get to do everything I did as a parent with my two. But I get to do all of this. And one day, I’ll get to read him a story, bake cakes with him and watch him play with his cousins. I am so excited about watching him grow up. I am besotted with him already and holding him just puts life into perspective, it helps me to see what is the most important thing. Which, to me, is family. 

I love my family. I love my nephew so much already. He's incredible. And my sister and husband are the most natural, loving, caring and amazing parents already. I can't wait for even more little babies to arrive in our family, to watch our family grow even more. To watch an army of our miniatures take over our houses and sanity. 

I have become an Aunty. And it’s been another incredible adventure for my family with plenty more memories to be made ahead.

Are you an Aunty or an Uncle? How did you find the experience when you first became one? Pop a comment below, I would love to hear from you. 

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