Remembering What It Feels Like To Be A Child At Christmas

I remember Christmas Eve when I was younger. Magic filled the air. I knew it wouldn’t be long until Santa would be delivering the presents. In those days, there was no Christmas Eve box to keep you occupied. I remember now I would just be curled up with my family on Christmas Eve. My mum would be doing the preparation for the big Christmas dinner the next day by readily peeling the potatoes. Then in the evening, we would all get Santa’s tray ready.

It would take me an age to sleep. But my mum would remind me, that Santa won’t come unless I go to sleep. I remember I would wake in the night, and the realisation would hit me- it’s Christmas. Had Santa been? Was he yet to still come? Did I need to quickly shut my eyes tightly again? Or could I just take a peek at the end of my cosy warm bed to see if my stocking was bulging and brimming full or not?

Some nights he hadn’t- so I would quickly shut my eyes until I’d wake again. Or some nights he would have already been and I would peer over. I can just feel the sheer joy and magic I would feel when I would see the stocking full to the brim. I can feel the wonder and amazement that Santa had been. Magic had happened in the house. Christmas was just a few winks sleep away. I would grin ear to ear and try my very best to go back to the land of nod- but it would be so difficult. And then once morning arrived; I would remember the magic I had seen in the night. I would remember Father Christmas had been and gone and a wonderful day was ahead with my family.

I can feel the warmth now. The warmth of feeling safe, loved and happy.

I remember the magic I felt. The magic I believed in. Thinking back, I believed so much that I remember listening intently for the hooves and bells on the rooftop, sometimes even believing that I had indeed heard it.

Thinking back to how I felt as I child makes me ponder about my own children. It makes me remember how magical it all is and how exciting it is. Remembering brings it all back to me. And it just makes me even more determined to make it magical and amazing for my own Sons. The best thing is; we have even more tools at our disposal these days. Elf on a shelf, footprint stencils to shake talc/ fake snow on, reindeer food and not forgetting one of my favourites; noting when the space station passes on Christmas eve and pointing up at the sky, whispering “That’s Santa".

The years are short. I know my time is limited with how long the boys will believe in the magic of Christmas. So I am going to make the most of it while I can. Christmas is magical for me then, as I get to bring these elements to the boys. I get to enjoy and bask in their delight and amazement. I can feel it all again, but this time through them. I can not wait. 

One of the best moments on Christmas Day, is seeing the faces of my Sons when they realise magic has happened. Their eyes glisten and their mouths drop. Christmas has arrived. 

Do you remember your Childhood Christmas memories? Leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you. 

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