A-Z of Christmas Gifts For Children

Christmas is well and truly on its way. This makes me so incredibly excited. So, for me it is time to get organised and to get my ideas rolling for gifts, events and decorations. Sometimes, however, I feel like my boys have too many toys! Don't get me wrong, they will be getting a fair few from Santa but what else can Children get for Christmas that isn't a toy? I decided to make it my mission to write an A-Z of gift ideas that aren't toys. Here are my findings; 

A. Anorak. What about a lovely waterproof Anorak for Christmas? I love this yellow one from Dorothy Perkins.

B. Books. We love books in this household. Our favourite series at the moment is the, "Oi Dog" "Oi Frog" range by Kes and Claire Gray. It is perfect that the latest book, "Oi Cat" has been released in time for Christmas. You can get 'Oi Frog' on Amazon for just £3.49. 

C. Costumes. My eldest loves to dress up from time to time. He got a Batman Outfit for his birthday, so I think I shall be going to see what else he might fancy dressing up as. 

D. DVD. A DVD is perfect for a cosy's winter day. Trolls Holiday is due out at the end of November. 

E. Ear Muffs. Again, these are a lovely winter cosy gift that Children would enjoy wearing. These ear muffs from John Lewis are so pretty and only £10!  

F. Food. I love to put some chocolate in their stocking, but perhaps a gift choice of food can go further than a sweet treat- what about a mini snack hamper? 

G. Games. Board games are the best. This year I am treating the boys to a classic each; Pop up Pirate and the Crocodile dentist game. 

H. Hair Accessories. You can get some gorgeous hair ties and clips. I love these Kids Mini Pastel Picnic Ribbed Ribbon Gem Bow Hair Clips for £1.75 from Claires. 

I. Instrument. Have you got a budding musician in the family? Perhaps an instrument would be welcomed? Last Christmas we got our eldest a black guitar and he loved it. It was a children's one so it didn't break the bank at all. 

J. Jigsaws. Puzzles are a great way to stimulate the mind and help with gross motor skills. They encourage problem solving and can become a great group activity. 

K. Kite. What child doesn't love taking a kite out to fly in nature? Although they may be harder to come by in the Winter months, they would make a great alternative to a toy for Christmas. 

L. Lights. You can get some rather awesome night lights or torches these days. I absolutely love these Children's Mini Usb Night Lights from Not On The High Street.

M. Music. Possibly one for the older children here, but have they got a favourite artist or band you could buy the CD? Or perhaps your little tot loves the soundtrack to CBeebies. Or in modern day form- possibly an iTunes voucher for the older children? 

N. Nightgown. Nothing is cosier than a warm fluffy nightgown. I know my boys would love this Marvel one for £14 from Matalan.

O. Orange. This is a must to go in the stocking. Who else has this tradition? 

P. Pens. Crayola do some lovely packs of pens and craft tools. I know my little man would sit happily colouring in for hours. Paperchase have this set of colour changing stamper pens for just £6. I know my eldest would love these. 

Q. Quiet book. One of my missions this year was to make the boys a quiet book. That didn't quite happen, but I think they are a great idea and I am definitely going to make one in the future. 

R. Rocking Horse, Or Similar. The possibilities are endless with these as there is such a variety out there. If your Child is a bit older, what about a rocking chair? Look at this Bullseye Rocking Horse from Smyths Toys for £39.99. 

S. Sweets. If there is any time of the year that we can indulge our Children with some sweet treats, it would be Christmas. 

T. Teddy Bear. This is probably classified as a type of toy for many, however for myself, the boys hardy ever play with teddies but they enjoy having them in their room or on their beds as a form of comfort. Why not go to Build a Bear and get them a special one this Christmas? Mine would love this Pokemon range from there. 

U. Underwear. Not quite exciting for the Children, but again I have a tradition of putting a new set of socks in their stocking every year. I love this set of Christmas socks from George at Asda for only £4. 

V. Video. Make a special video for your Children of a compilation of the best bits that have happened that year. Your child will love watching the memories of the year and I am sure they would treasure the video for many years to come. Its a nice way to reflect and look back on the year that you have had as a family. 

W. Watch. Is your Child old enough to wear a wrist watch? You can get some really sweet ones to ones full of gadgets. Is this something your Child would enjoy? The Watch Shop have a great selection of Children's watches. 

X. X Marks The Spot. Why not create a fun and unique treasure hunt as a present for your child this Christmas? The gift doesn't have to be expensive at the end, it could even be toy gems but the main present will be the imaginative quest you have created for them. 

Y. Yoyo. Although I would technically call this a toy, I also think it is so much more as you can learn some pretty neat tricks on them and they take a lot of time and effort to learn so it will keep your Child busy for hours. 

Z. Zoo Trip. Why not treat your little ones to a trip to your local zoo? Many offer gift vouchers, so they can still unwrap something but they will be overjoyed to see that they have got a fantastic family day out coming. 

Who knew that there are so many great gift ideas out there that are alternatives to toys? I hope you enjoyed this list and I hope that it has given many of you some ideas for Christmas. What one is your favourite? Are there any gifts that you get traditionally each year? Tell me all about your Christmas shopping habits, I would love to hear from you. 
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