12 Autumn Activities To Do This Year, With Free Printable

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year. I love the build up to Christmas, the cosy nights in, jumpers, leaves falling and gathering, Autumn colours and of course Halloween and bonfire night. There is so much to embrace and do this Autumn. Now we're fully in the swing of the school routine, it's time to get mindful and think of what we want to do this Autumn as a family to make the most of it. 

Check out my Autumn check list below; 

  1. Rake up some leaves then get the children to jump in a big pile! I used to love it when my parents would rake up the leaves on their driveway and lawn. It was always so fun jumping into a massive pile of leaves. 
  2. Get carving. I love getting creative each year and trying something new with the Pumpkins. There are so many templates you can find on Google. The kids will love getting their hands mucky, scooping out all of the pumpkin flesh. 
  3. Buy a pumpkin spice latte. I have never tried this drink but I know a few friends that rave about it. Motherhood is so tiring that we definitely deserve a treat every so often. 
  4. Go for a walk in the woods. There is something so beautiful about taking a walk in the woods in Autumn. The colours are truly beautiful. The children can wear their wellies as they crunch on all of the leaves and splash in the muddy puddles. 
  5. Get cosy by a fire. This is a must every year. Be it a bonfire or an indoors one, it is such a lovely feeling being cosied up with the ones you love by the warmth of a sparkling roasting fire. Toast some smores for a delicious well earned treat. 
  6. Get baking. From sugar cookies, to pumpkin cupcakes; there is plenty to bake with Autumn themes and flavours.
  7. Get crafty. There are loads of ways to get crafty and to keep the children entertained this Autumn. Why not chop an apple in half and use that as a pumpkin shaped stamp? Press the apple half into some orange paint and press lightly onto a plain piece of paper, once the paint is dried you can draw on the pumpkins details, face and stalk! Why not have a look at my Toddler Halloween Crafts from a couple of years ago too?
  8. Sort nature into piles. You can collect acorns, pine cones and leaves and sort them into different sizes, colours and shapes. Why not find the leaves and pinecones during an Autumn style scavenger hunt? 
  9. Paint some stones and rocks orange and draw pumpkin faces on them. Another craft, which is a little less messy, is to grab some leaves and crayons and do leaf rubbings on paper. The children will watch in amazement as the shapes and the details of the leaves come through onto the paper. 
  10. The weather may be chilly, but why not wrap up warm and head out on a picnic? The children will love the fresh air and a chance to run around in the Autumn scenery. 
  11. Curl up and watch some horror movies. If you're a parent to young children, why not something a little less scary and funny- Hotel Transylvania 2 is on Netflix now. Grab a bowl of popcorn and a cosy blanket to make it the perfect family day. 
  12. Get the wellies on and take the children muddy puddle jumping. Grab the camera too and don't forget to snap up some gorgeous photos of you all frolicking about. 
What will you get up to this Autumn? Are there any family traditions that you try to keep each year? Pop a comment below, I would love to hear from you. Here is a link to your Tiny Toes Autumn Check List free printable. 

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