Why My Boys Are Like Chalk And Cheese

My boys are like chalk and cheese, sweet and sour, stormy and calm. Complete polar opposites. As Mothers, we have to recognise the differences between our children and adjust how we treat them accordingly. 

My eldest is a sweet little boy, he needs a lot of mind stimulation. He loves to be creative. He's at his happiest when he's colouring in or building Lego. He's into cars. He likes cuddles but only when he is in the mood for them. He's a sensitive soul, he doesn't like to be teased. He can quietly sit for a while, entertaining himself and very much loves to have some alone time. I usually don't worry too much when we're in the company of others, although he's a shy boy, he is polite and generally well behaved. He can be demanding, however and have an attitude that stinks, which he's picked up from school. He has quite a low immune system, something we are trying to help whereas the youngest has rarely been poorly. He has generally been the 'easier' one, easier to potty train and easier to get down at night. 

My youngest is also sweet but he's a cheeky character. He loves a rough and tumble. He's at his happiest running around with a stick, bashing things with it. A proper boys boy. He had an obsession with collecting different bouncy balls last year. This one likes dinosaurs. A lot. He is currently going through a bit of a shy phase, but usually he loves company and having people around. His best friend is his big brother. He is definitely the mischievous one. I have to keep a closer eye on him both on his own and with play dates. This one is feral, he has always eaten things off floors he shouldn't. The eldest will only become feral if it is a chocolate or sweet item that has been dropped. Although this one has been more 'challenging', he makes it all worth while with his sweet inside nature, kisses, cuddles, dimples and cheeky charm. 

As both are so different, naturally they both have their different needs. I have to recognise when one needs a cuddle but the other needs space and vice Versa. I have to treat them equally, but not the same. 

Despite them being so different though, they make the best of friends. They miss each other all day whilst the other is at school. Then once they are reunited they are inseparable, happy, giggly and I would not have it any other way, even if my house is full of noise and mess. They understand each other so well too. When we go out as a family, if anyone picks on the eldest or upsets him, the youngest will get cross and go and sort the other child out, (even if he is 4 times his size). They look after each other which is what I love most about their brotherhood. In fact, at times they can be as thick as thieves. They team up and cause all sorts of magic and mayhem together. To read more about their brotherly love, click here.

They do have things in common, they tend to enjoy the same TV shows and play ever so nicely with their toys together. However, you can find my eldest building his greatest Lego build ever, then my youngest bouncing around ready to knock it down. They both have a love for adventure, soft play and the beach. They both are Mummy's boys, which I of course love. The youngest loves to copy the eldest and I find more these days that I have to buy them the same everything. If I don't guaranteed the other will be desperate for the same bedsheets, PJs or toys. I love that they are so different in their personalities, but at the same time they are so alike as brothers. 

I am so grateful for them. For their similarities and their differences. I am grateful that they get along and that I get to be their Mum. I'm exhausted, but boy am I in love with them both. My boys; my chalk and cheese. 

Does your children have similar traits? Or are they opposites too? Pop a comment below, I would love to hear from you. 

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