Our Important Family Evening Tradition

We have many traditions and routines in our household, from the approximate time we take the kids up to bed, to the order in which we do our evening routine. But there is something additional that we try to do every night without fail. 

It's an extra tradition, something I wouldn't want to leave out now. 

The tradition is to simply talk at the table about our day. 

We've always tried to eat as a family, it is something my Dad encouraged us to do when we were younger and something I have felt I wanted to continue. Although as a teenager it felt like torture, I completely see the importance of it now. 

It helps to bond us. To show an interest in one another's day. Even when the kids are being grumpy, eventually they come around and even if it's just a snippet; I get to view a little window into their day. 

The boys usually make my husband start off; it helps ease them into the activity and gives them time to wolf down some of their food. Eagerly they'll turn to Daddy before we've even said anything and say; 

"Your turn Daddy!" 

After, they fight at who goes next. Sometimes they cannot wait to tell us all about their adventures and other days it's like getting blood out of a stone. But we don't push them. And if they'd rather not say anything or much then that is fine. I still try each and every day. I want us to stick together on this journey in life and I genuinely believe by encouraging an interest in our days then it will help us support each other along the way. I also want them to see the importance of bonding as a family by eating together, with the TV off and nothing but our company to amuse each other. 

We started eating together from as young as when we were weaning our eldest. We make dinner time family time. I hope we can always continue it. 

I want them to experience this also from a young age as it will help them with socialising at meals out. Although they don't sit still as long as us adults can, at least we are trying to teach them. I see so many benefits of eating together and asking each other about our days. 

It's a sweet little tradition of ours. A great part of our daily life that I simply love. 

Do you eat together as a family? Do you have a tradition you like to keep each day? Pop a comment below, I would love to hear from you. 

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