How We Are Sulking Back In To The School Routine

The Summer holidays are nearly finished. This makes me just as sad as when I first watched Marley and Me. I have loved having the boys home this summer, we have had an amazing time, despite the weather being somewhat typically British. So, with just one week to go, we need to get ourselves organised and start sulking ourselves back in to the school routine. This is how I plan on doing it. 

Start getting back into an early to bed, early to rise routine 

Although we've pretty much stuck to a similar bedtime and routine throughout the holidays, there's been some days where we have been a little slack and we certainly haven't been rushing about in the morning to get ready unless we've had early plans. So I have started to try and get back into the stricter routines early as I think it will take time to get used to it. I am dreading the early morning panic wake ups and rushing around. I dread having to be out of my PJS by 8am, let alone the house! 

Check everything is labelled 

We were lucky not to lose anything in the first year of school as everything was labelled so whenever something did go missing, we were soon reunited with it. I have been labelling as I've gone along this summer as I don't want a last minute rush or to discover that I had forgotten to label anything on the day. Having said that, I do need to label the shoes, drinks and a few last minute items. We have opted yet again for sewing the names in as I feel like they are more secure this way. 

Do everything the night before 

I always try to organise myself into doing everything the night before. I lay out outfits, clothes, letters or forms that need to be handed back, shoes laid out and pack ups so that everything can have a smooth run the morning of school. I do this everyday as it saves so much time come the morning and means I can go to bed not worrying about having a rushed get up and go. It keeps me one step ahead each day. I will start to implement this anyway, and have been on and off. 

Homework routine 

We've been unfortunate to have had homework throughout the summer, it was a daily diary. In some ways though this has helped to keep with the homework routine we had got into from October last year. We try to do 5 minutes a day if needed, but hopefully we will have less to do come September. Then we do reading MondayFriday. Weekends I like to enjoy without the worries of school! 

Start putting money aside 

We have breakfast club to pay for and also there are many hidden costs throughout the year, from children's parties, school discos to raffle tickets and an outfit for the Christmas school play- so we start putting small bits of money aside to pay for all of this throughout the year. 

Keep school events tracked in a calendar or diary 

Every month, the school news letter comes out bustling and bursting with new events from PTA bake sales to mufti days. I like to keep an eye on the events and so I tend to write them straight into the calendar and diary. I also take a photo of anything on the notice board at the school so I can keep up with the plans and details of them. The first newsletter has the most dates in, so get them down for the term and you can plan accordingly. 

Stock up on bargains 

I always buy a bargain or two at the beginning of the term, be them books, games or toys. They will come in handy for either prizes for the boys when they reach certain goals at school, or they will make great gifts at the next child's party or a tombola prize for a PTA event. It's always good to have something at hand. 

Limiting snacks 

Towards the end of the holiday and on the weekends at the start of term, I try to stick with stricter snack times and eating times as I know that's what my child will have to get used to at school. It's easier to implement it at home too for them so that their stomachs aren't getting confused about when and what food they will be having! 

These 8 simple steps will help me to start organising myself for the school year. Before I know it, we will be in the full swing of school and it's routines and demands. Good luck to everyone who has a child starting school for the first time, I am sure it is a time full of worry and emotion for you all. Good luck to us all, another year of homework, school runs, events and morning moaning from the children to enjoy. Let's just say, I am already looking ahead to October half term. 

What year will your Child be going into? Pop a comment below, I would love to hear from you. 

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