Our Family Goal This Summer

Summer has arrived! The Summer holidays are just a week away, are you ready? I for one am so excited to have 6 weeks ahead of us as a family to enjoy each other. No school runs, no pack ups, no cramming everything I have to do into 5 hours. Instead there will be us and time. Although I fear the summer holidays will flash before our eyes, I am certainly ready to make the most of them and embrace the time I have before they're over and things are ready to change again. 

My goal therefore, for us as a family, is to make the most of it. That's it. It is as simple as that. I want to embrace and indulge in the time we have together. I want us to laugh hard, play harder and relax non stop. I will be more mindful. If you wanted to be more mindful, check out my blog post; 8 Steps To Becoming A Mindful Mum

My goal is to have as stress- free summer as possible as thus far, this year has probably been one of the most stressful years of all. I'm looking forward to lazy mornings, eating whatever we desire for lunch and having the afternoons to chill. 

It doesn't even matter what the weather does, we will still make the most of the time together. Whether we will be catching rays whilst enjoying a nice cold ice lolly or splashing in the puddles. Be it dancing in the rain, or chasing each other with water pistols. We will be making the most of this time together.  

I've seen a couple of awesome Summer bucket list pictures, although I am not strictly wanting to complete any- they are just great for ideas and giving us inspiration of what to do. But even if some days we did nothing- absolutely nothing- I am still so excited for this too! We will get a few play dates booked in, a few dates with family and my husband will be taking a week off mid August to spend some time with us exploring local tourist attractions. Then I will make sure that we do get the odd lazy day too, because I think we need to be reserving our energy for the rest of the year. For more inspiration on what to do this summer, check out the blog post; 30 Activities To Do This Summer

It seems like a simple goal but sometimes it is so easy to let worries and stresses consume us. The days seem to fly by, so before we know it summer will soon be over and I will be so annoyed with myself if I spent it moping about, stressing, worrying or just not getting the most of my time with my boys. Children will be children so I am sure, without a doubt, that there will be moments that I want to pull my hair out. But still, bring on those moments because we are building memories for our family and our future. 

So, I will be doing my best to just simply be mindful and make the most of the time off and away from School. That is our family goal this summer. 

What is your goal this summer? Is there a new hobby you want to take up? Anything you want to give up? Pop a comment below, I'd love to hear from you. 

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