12 Things Reception Year Has Taught Me

6 whole weeks are ahead of us. This school year, our first school year has gone so quickly! It doesn't seem possible that my child has already gone through his reception year. For more lists about what I have learnt since my Son started school, check out my post; 10 Things I've Learnt This School Term. I'm not going to lie, there were times I was worried that I wouldn't make it to the summer holidays without my sanity. So, what did the first year of school teach us? 

  1. Phonics is harder than you think. The parents were given an instruction leaflet on the different sounds and moves that come with them. It was a whole new learning experience for myself, who grew up with Letter Land. My child has done so well learning this first stage of the quite actually complex English language, but we still have far to go, as phonetically spelling out "Place" just doesn't work.... it becomes "Plack Eh" 
  2. Phonics is funnier than you think. Especially when you're going through a reading book and your child forgets to stop his flow of reading between "Shh!" And "It" Reading has become almost a daily habit of ours but it has really paid off with my child's learning and it becomes quite a nice little bonding time for my eldest and I.
  3. Pack ups are expensive and so so dull to make. I have to say, one of the highlights of my Summer holidays will be not having to make my Son one everyday. My husbands is far easier and less healthy to make! 
  4. School on the whole is expensive. Don't get me wrong, I am ever so grateful for the free education that we get here in the UK. But it's crazy how many hidden costs there are. From raffle tickets to mufti days, the PTA will be fund raising well all year round. Fair play to them for doing a great job for the school but my goodness are my pockets a lot lighter these days. 
  5. Missing them doesn't get easier. I thought it would become second nature throughout the year not having him by my side at home, but it doesn't get easier. Each weekend is a reminder about what life was. And when Monday comes around, me and the littlest are moping around waiting for the end of the school day. It'll be even harder come September when I have a whole day to myself. It should be a Mother's heaven but I'm actually dreading missing them both.
  6. In the first year especially, there are more things to attend than you realise. From mornings aiding your child's learning, to parents evenings, sports days, assemblies and plays. You're a school parent now, it is time to play the part. 
  7. The school runs take up much more time than you realise and because days go so quickly, less gets done in a day than you think. The whole routine that you thought you knew before, goes out of the window as now your day has an hours chunk in total missing from it and that's what you base your schedule around now. 
  8. It's better to get homework out of the way early than to leave it to the last minute. A lesson I learnt myself at school and one that certainly holds true to this day. 
  9. Childhood friendships are the sweetest. I am always beaming so much when my Son chats about his friends and what they played and spoke about. The innocence is beautiful. He even has a blossoming romance. 
  10. Your child will change. A huge amount. They will start answering you back, say things you didn't think they would yet and have an attitude that quite frankly stinks at time. They will grow up. An insane amount. And it suddenly sinks in, you have a school child now.
  11. You will never feel prouder. Every sticker, every bit of new information they've learnt. Every day they will make you prouder than you ever thought possible. 
  12. The weekends and holidays become something to treasure and look forward to. So I am going to make the most of this school holiday because before we know it, September will be here with a new school year. 
There was also a moment this school year when my heart completely broke, read about it here; The Moment My Heart Broke. What did you learn this school year? Did anything make you feel extremely happy or sad? Pop a comment believe, I would love to hear from you. 

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