10 Reasons Why We Appreciate The Man In Our Life

Life seems to fly by. I swear it was March last month, not May! Being a parent, the weeks seem to whizz by. Each day is constructed with routine and lists, washing and chores. Before I know it, the evening has come around again and I am engrossed in Netflix, cuddled up on the sofa with my husband. It's easy, therefore, to take things for granted and to not take full notice of certain things in our life when it becomes the 'everyday'. 

We are coming up to our 6th wedding anniversary, which doesn't seem possible. My husband does so much for us, but because of everyday life being so chocked full, maybe sometimes I don't show my gratification enough. So here are some reasons why I do appreciate the man in our life. 

  1. He, in our family, is the main income earner. He works long hours, at a sometimes stressful job, pushing himself constantly to provide for us as a unit. He is always trying to further himself and it is so admirable. 
  2. Whenever I am having a hormonal/ emotional breakdown, he is incredibly patient. I will have days where I morph into a ridiculously down state where I moan about everything. On that day EVERYTHING is wrong, even when in reality, maybe one thing is?! I realise after that I am being ridiculous but during the meltdown, there is no talking me down. My husband knows this, he still tries to talk me down but I have to really value his patience here. 
  3. He puts up with my ever changing diet. One minute I will be telling him off for buying me some Galaxy chocolate. The next I will be texting him asking for one. I realise now this must be a huge dilemma for him each time but he does well. He always buys it, but he always makes me share. 
  4. He baths the children or washes them every night. I'm not being idle, usually I am tackling the mountain of washing each night but by helping me out with their routine, it allows the sailing of a smooth ship. 
  5. He helps out around the house. Ok it's not done quite as I would do it, but I still am so grateful for him helping out. It takes some of the weight off of me running this household. 
  6. He gets enthusiastic with the boys. One summer he set about making a rocket, he was so excited about doing something homemade and amazing for them but he never did complete it. The enthusiasm was definitely felt though. 
  7. He pampers me. Whether it's been a stressful day or not, he is always on hand to rub my feet. 
  8. He never makes me feel like I've failed or gone wrong. Even when I've dished up a homemade recipe that has quite clearly gone wrong and tastes like vomit, he will demolish his plate and even thank me for it! Even when my baking, which he loves, gets a little over done. He will always praise and enjoy it. 
  9. He bases his future goals around us as he believes that we are the core and most important part of his future. A true gent. He believes in us, in me and in our future together. The faith he has in us all really does make me feel stronger. 
  10. He makes us laugh. Day after day. Even when he's acting like a grumpy old man! He knows how to turn my frown upside down every time. 

So this Sunday I will be extra thankful. Thankful for the man in my life that does all of the above for us and much more. I realise that life's never easy and that there will always be stressful times but now more than ever I am going to remind myself that it's so important to reflect and appreciate the man at the front of our family, the best man in our life. He keeps us smiling, keeps the ship sailing when I just want to hide behind the bedroom door. He does so much for us and I do try to show my appreciation, however, everyday life wrongly gets in the way. This has been a tough year for us but he has been my rock, my best friend. If my boys grew up to be a Father and husband like him then I would be very proud. 

Happy Fathers Day To All. 

What are your plans for Fathers Day this year? Pop a comment below, I would love to hear from you. 

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