Has your heart ever ached to be somewhere?

Has your heart ever ached to be somewhere? 

Mine has. As the song came on I felt it. I felt the ache in my stomach and heart to be back there, to be surrounded with family, to feel safe, loved, happy and content. To be back there with the sea views in the distance knowing the day ahead would be perfect. Bliss. Our little family escapes to Devon. The song is just a chart song, it doesn't need to be named, it is just a song with meaning to me. A lot of meaning. It whisks my mind right back to being with my family, back on holiday. Songs have such power. Music can change moods, create pathways to memories and help you get through the hardships of life. They can be a motivator and a way to get you to reflect on a time in your life. This song certainly gives my mind a pathway back to the beach, to the bungalow and to my family holidays. 

Both years were perfect weeks. And as I listen to the song I can almost feel myself back there, walking down the little village street after a full day at the beach. Dragging my tired legs towards our holiday bungalow. Sand stuck in between my toes, my hair windswept. But a big smile on my face. I can hear the sea gulls and smell the sea weed. 

The song takes me back to where my heart aches to be. 

What makes it so peaceful? What makes it so perfect? 

Family to me is the most precious thing in my life. I would do anything for all of them. There is something quite special about the bond between us all and to be able to have a whole week of their attention and time really does mean the world. 

On top of that, it feels like an adventure with the kids. It's fantastic seeing their faces light up as the sea graces their little feet. The giggles, the screams. It's adorable to see them squirm when they see the crab in the bucket that we've spent forever catching. It's amazing to see them crash out in their holiday beds after another full day of exploring and adventures. It's the most incredible thing to see them bond with my family and enjoy their time. 

Being on holiday means no alarm clocks. No routine. No dull everyday life chores and worries. It's a stress free week to escape from everyday life. 

So as the sound of the music crashes against my ears and takes me right back there again, sadness sweeps over me as I realise there is no going back. Not back in time and not going back this year. But there is going forward. I may not be going on a holiday this year with my family; big or small. But I will reminisce about what it taught me about life, our future and our family. Bonds can be built anywhere, stress can be escaped any day if we really put our mind to it. So my heart will ache for a while. 

Till we book our next holiday. But until then I will make the most of my family in anyway I can, even amongst the everyday chaos that life creates. And I will be shoving stress where the sun doesn't shine. 

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