8 Things I See Differently Now I'm A Mum

It is safe to say that parenting is a life changing experience. From the moment you find out you are pregnant, life forever more changes. From then on, number one is now your child and everything you do is thought out for an extra person. Freedom to an extent ceases as you take on the responsibility of another life. Parenting has its many perks and its many stresses and strains but it is a wonderful journey on the whole. Naturally, as your life takes this massive change, the way you see certain things also changes. 


I had heard of unconditional love before having the boys but I had never really experienced its true meaning. Don't get me wrong my siblings and parents have my unconditional love but the type that comes with having kids is all consuming. I had also heard of love at first sight but had never experienced it until they were born. The love and bond between a Mother and child truly is unbreakable and beautiful. 

Time and Free Time 

I used to get bored a lot. I would sit there, and turn to my company "I'm bored.. I want something to do" 

Oh, how I long to be bored once more! That would be bliss! There's always a never ending list of jobs to be done. And even, just even, if I get five precious moments to myself I try and cram in one of my hobbies or even just sit there and take in the peace. Time also seems to go much much quicker now I've had kids and I can not believe how the months fly by! I always feel like I need more time for everything and I'm always wishing for my kids to slow down as they grow up too quickly. 

Special Occasions

I used to get excited for birthdays and occasions. Christmas has always been special to me. But my my my, do I love an occasion now. I don't even know why.... because the excitement increased before the boys even had a clue who Santa was or why they were unwrapping toys on their birthday. I just do feel incredibly excited about birthdays, Christmas, Easter and any other occasions that's brings the family together. Perhaps it's that? Perhaps it's the thought of having my family surrounding me or perhaps it's the anticipation of seeing the smiles spread on my children's faces. Who knows? But a lot more planning and prep goes into these occasions now and I just simply love them! 


Friendships were so easy to maintain before. I was, quite frankly, as free as a bird. Now, life is a balancing act. I have to balance family life, my blog, school runs and routine, children, homework, housework, seeing other family and then fit in friends around that. Also, as life moves on, so do certain friendships. It is only natural that some people leave your life as you both move on to different phases of your life. It is sad, but it is what life brings unfortunately. It would be impossible to keep all of the friends you make throughout your life; be them from school, university, college, work or through being a Mum. Naturally, friends do come and go. 

So now, I realise how fragile friendships are. I have seen many people come and go. Perhaps they have moved away, or moved to a different phase of their life. Either way, friendships are fragile and I now value the quality of friendships rather than the quantity. That goes for actual friends, and arrangements with friends. I make a lot of effort for those that I hold dear, the friends that are always about to vent to. I also never know what the future holds, whether friends will indeed move forward again, and so I try my hardest to make the most of the time I have with each of them. 


I am not sure I even knew the meaning of the word patience before having the boys. Or, if I did, I had never really truly had my patience tested. Not like waiting for a fiercely independent toddler to try and undress himself before bedtime, or listening to my Son trying to explain something from School, which he has had to restart a thousand times. My patience could be better, but I now understand what it is. 

Sleep; Evenings and Night time

Sleep is so precious. I will never ever take basic everyday needs for granted EVER again. Before, I would take for granted the fact that I could sit in front on the sofa and watch TV. I would take it for granted that whenever I felt fit, I could retire to bed and get a full nights sleep undisturbed. Now, I am thankful if we don't get any interruptions during a film. I am thankful for a block of 4 hours sleep. I miss the space in my bed. Other than the occasional date night, I have now been sharing my bed with an extra person or two for almost 5 years! That's almost 5 years of hardly ever managing to complete a film in one go. The boys have probably (no joking here) slept through the night in their own beds THREE times over the years. THREE. Let that just sink in. Sleep is precious, I miss it. 

The World; The Good

The World around me certainly feels different these days, perhaps I am more Mindful but I certainly notice the extraordinary in the ordinary now. I notice the pink underneath the daisies, I notice the sounds surrounding us. I want to go on many more walks, taking in the breath taking scenery that surrounds us. It has always been here, but now there is a difference; I want to emphasise the special in the World, the greatness. I want to emphasise it so that my boys have an adventure everyday in life, so that they can grow up to enjoy the little things, the simple things, because they really are beautiful. 

The World; The Bad and; The Ugly 

The World and the way I see it has definitely changed.... The World feels a bit scarier now. Reading up on the News becomes more frightening and real. Perhaps that is because I feel protective now I have two Children to take care of. I see the dangers of the World, the bad stuff shines out to me now as I do my best to look after my two Son's. Sadness sweeps over me as I read on tragedies because I know my World would end if anything happened to my Children. I also take note of the ugliness in the World, the bullies seem to annoy me further as I want only kindness to surround my boys. I take it all in. Everything has an affect on me as I try to make sure that nothing bad nor ugly has an affect on my boys or that if their paths are crossed with it, that they can handle it well.  

What do you see or experience differently now that you are a parent? Pop a comment below, I would love to hear from you. 

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