6 Things That Look Cuter With Kids

Babies have an unmistakable, gorgeous cuteness to them. The way a little toddler toddles around in their nappy, creating mayhem around them has a certain humorous appeal to it all. Babies and toddlers are cute. And funny. When you picture an adult in some of the same situations as a baby, the cuteness suddenly evaporates. How do they get away with it?! Here are a few of those scenarios that I've pondered: 

  1. Walking around in a nappy. The baby belly, the chubby rolls of baby goodness on their legs, the bald head all toddling around in this miniature human wearing a nappy. So cute. Queue "Aww's" Now picture a fully grown man, sporting beer belly, macho thighs and a balding head sporting a nappy. Oh erm..... not so cute. Thank goodness this usually only happens at stag do's. 
  2. Talking on a telephone. There's something about the sight of a child trying to talk to their Grandma on the phone that brings out the mushy feels. Or when they have a fake phone and they're chatting to Bing. Doesn't have the same effect when you pass a grown woman or man chatting away on the phone. 
  3. Drinking out of a cup. Something an adult does that we take for granted and don't even notice. Pop a little cup infront of a toddler though and something changes. You notice how those tiny little hands and fingers slowly reach for the cup and wrap them around it, they carefully lift the cup so gracefully, thrusting their lips forward in aintipiation only to be greeted with a face full of liquid. 
  4. Pooping. There is something so sweet, in an odd way, about watching a little toddler or baby go bright red, cross their feet over and give their bodies one all-mighty squeeze. It becomes funny when they grunt and make insane noises. Our eldest used to be the loudest pooper and it was so adorable and funny. Not so cute hearing your husband having a poop or announcing the size of it afterwards! 
  5. Exercise. My Husband regularly does weights in the morning around the boys. I have some tiny weights for myself which weigh next to nothing, which I never use. Boys being boys, just want to be like Daddy, so they venture into the cupboard and produce these weights then mimic what their Daddy must do in the morning. From time to time I set myself a 30 day challenge or two, so in the afternoon, I will set about doing my crunches. I find it so adorable then to see the tiny humans that I have created trying to do a sit up or push up. Not so cute when they climb on me and flatten me. 
  6. Talking absolute nonsense. Although at times, when I ask my husband about his engineering work it feels like he talks nonsense because it all goes over my head, nothing beats it when my Children start spurting a whole new language from their mouths. Baby babbling is the cutest though, nothing can beat those first "ba ba ba's" and "da da da's" 

I am sure that there are many scenarios where our mini me's come out top trumps on the cuteness scale. What do you think is cuter on tots? Or even do you think an adult is ever cuter? Pop a comment below, I'd love to hear from you. 

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