8 Ideas for the Easter Holidays

I can not process how quickly this year is going. I swear it has only been a month or two max since Christmas? Yet here we are, almost at Easter weekend. For those with children at school age, we have made it to the end of the second term this School year- hurrah! Now it's time to let the children blow off some steam and enjoy their Easter holidays. Here's some ideas on what you could do; 

1. Go on an Easter egg hunt. Check your local events for places participating in Easter egg hunts this year. They are a great opportunity to go and explore somewhere new whilst doing an egg hunt. A great website to use to check out places to explore on days out which has a whole section on upcoming events is https://www.picniq.co.uk

2. DIY Easter Egg Hunt. If you're short on cash but can afford to buy a box of Easter eggs like these for a hunt then you can create your own one. We do this every year at my parents, I always get a couple of boxes alongside some sweets and you can also pick up some great packs to help you DIY. Or you can even get creative yourself and make some signs and bunny feet to guide little ones on their way. 

3. Go on a Nature Walk. Whether you live near the beach, some woods, country side or town; go exploring. You can create a checklist based on where you live to help your little ones spot things on their way. For example, on the beach you can get them spotting seagulls, shells and boats. In the town you may be more limited with nature but your children will still love spotting taxis, buses and clouds. 

4. Have a Picnic. The weather is finally changing now and I am hoping that brighter, sunnier days are on their way. So why not pack up some treats in a bag, grab a blanket and take the children out for lunch sat in a park or grassy area? If the weather decides to be typically British and downpour, then you could always host an indoors one. 

5. Plan a Playdate. Get together with some friends to make the holidays more enjoyable. You can get some adult conversation, whilst the kids can enjoy some company of their own age too. 

6. Go to Church. There are plenty of services on over the Easter holidays, so why not get your children to attend? Check out your local Church and what they have to offer- many have a children's corner or club which they may enjoy and it can teach them what Easter is really about- other than the Easter bunny and chocolate! 

7. Get Creative. Spend some time in the holidays getting crafty with the Children. Be that creative with arts and crafts or baking. I have got some great ideas saved on my Easter Pinterest board; take a look here. I can not wait to get my hands messy and either get the paints out with the boys or bake us a Pinterest failure of a cake- it will still be fun. Take a look at my Easter board here; https://uk.pinterest.com/mrsgh/easter/

8. Take Part in an Easter Reading Challenge. Schools across the UK this Easter are joining in with an Easter reading challenge. If your child's school is not participating, or your children do not attend school, then why not create your own? Or join a local library where they may even be doing a reading challenge. Reading is so important for children and should be encouraged wherever possible. 

I hope the above has given you some ideas about how to fill your time this Easter. Although ours will be busy, I am also just looking forward to some quiet time with the family too. It will be bliss not having to rush about for the school run and to have more cuddles and time as a family together. I hope you all have a lovely Easter. What have you got planned? What ideas do you have for Easter? Pop a comment below, I would love to hear from you. 

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