Potty Training Round 2

So, potty training has begun again. I thought because I had already successfully completed this with my eldest Son, that this time round it would be a doddle! 

Excuse me while I take a moment to slap my hand over my face and tell myself not to be so damn cocky next time. 

It's horrid. Horrendous. Gross. Hard. 

I don't even know what I'm doing all over again! I'm exhausted and I sit there and dream about changing a nappy. I would love to change a nappy again. Just, perhaps, not an explosive one. 

I do not even recall why I thought this would be a great idea all of a sudden, I guess I realised he was ready but I forgot to read up on it all again and remind me to get myself ready! It is too late now though, we have started. Just like with everything parenting wise, every child is different, no two things are ever the same with them. Potty training follows this non- pattern. 

My eldest was trained within a month, no accidents after the first week or two. He was also dry at night after 2 months. He did fab. I took him out after the first week and took a portable potty with us and he would say he needed a wee and we would go and find a toilet and he'd go on the potty. Then we transferred him to the toilet. It was a dream, or at least that is what it feels like now we are out of the other side when toilet training is no longer any issue with my eldest. Except maybe, just maybe, he needs to learn to wipe his bum better.... 

This has been so different. We are currently at the point where my Son runs around in pants and a t-shirt. It took us 2 weeks alone to get to this stage. Now, wees are a doddle. He does them like a pro. Took a little while to get used to pants but he now wonders over and pulls them down and wees. Poops. Well they're hard. And I mean literally hard. I have been worrying about this now for over a week as he is having problems when it comes to this. He has done some in the potty but I am not going to lie, he has also done them on the floor and in his pants. 

Oh yes, potty training is so glam! 

We are hoping to give trousers a go next week. Once that is cracked, we will no longer be hiding behind the pull ups he is currently sporting when we leave the house. There will be no going back then. Well, there isn't now anyway. 

I will keep you all posted on the end result but use this blog post as a warning. Potty training the second time, isn't any easier, fun, more rewarding, or anything! All it is, is different. Just like everything else, from bump to birth. It is different yet again. Just reinforcing that little gem that there are plenty of surprises and twists and turns in parenting. 

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