Why Parenting Is Called A Journey

When I look back, I can see it; I can see why they call parenting a journey. An adventure. It is something I had never thought of or tried to argue against, it was just another phrase that was churned out time after time to new Mothers and Fathers; 'Parenting is such a journey'. 

I never really thought about it, until now. 

Sitting with my phone in my hand, I can now see all of those photographs that make up my memories; my parenting life. My parenting journey. I didn't realise how incredible those moments would be. Each one is so small and simple but when they are grouped together and I keep swiping through my phone, they build up and become this incredible amazing tear jerking memory path of a journey. The photos are simple, but each hold this memory that makes my heart feel warmth. They may be of a cute chubby baby, smiling up at me for the first time, the next may be of their first mouthful of food and the next may just be them playing with a toy. All of a sudden though, I remember that toy, I remember that moment. One that is easily passed and forgotten. Yet when you place that memory, that toy, that feeling next to the rest and you see them all; you realise that it all becomes a lot bigger than one moment. 

Looking back I want to cling hold of those baby days; smell their baby heads and feel those tiny toes. I want to hold on but all I have are these photos and memories. I keep swiping, suddenly the baby grew about 5 sizes and is now walking and talking. The videos I kept on my phone are of key moments, like the first time they walked, or the first time they babbled towards me on my phone while I recorded. I keep swiping, and suddenly I am at the end of my camera roll, but I am not at the end of my parenting journey. I still have my beautiful boys, although they have now grown about 10 sizes. I see now how important each and every day of my parenting life is. Even the ones where I did housework all day. There are moments built in to each day that makes this a journey, our journey. Be it a cuddle. A story. It all adds up. 

I am so glad that I took so many photos. Even the ones I didn't think would mean much, even the blurry ones or ones with chaos and mess in, they all count. They all help me to remember the moments, the emotions and the love. It all helps so that one day when I am feeling sentimental, I can scroll through and remember what an incredible journey I am on. From day one. From the very first parenting photo of that all important clear blue pregnancy test. That first photo right through to my latest one. It shows my journey. It reminds me that even the simplest of days is so key to this bigger picture. My family picture. 

Everyone is right, it isn't just a churned out phrase. It is the truth. Those simple days where you wonder if what you are doing is important, or worth it. If what you are doing is right, or good. It is, it all is. It all matters. The simple weeks where you don't see anyone or accomplish anything but you raise your children by just being there and looking after them. Those weeks are so important. The poorly weeks. Those evenings you spend flipping over phonics cards whilst your child looks eagerly to you with pride that they have remembered them, those are so key. Others may still be out partying till 3am, whilst you are comforting a little one who's having a night terror. That is their own journey. You are on a different path and by the end of it we have all lived a life we should love and be proud of. 

Parenting is a journey. A magical, stressful, breathtaking, exhausting and incredible one. Look back through your camera roll, what do you see? Your own unique journey is before you. And we are still in the thick of it. So embrace the simple days and the tiny moments because they all become so much bigger by the end of it. 

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