8 Family Christmas Traditions; Old and New

Christmas time for me is by far the most magical and heart warming time of the year. I am sure that if you have read any of my previous blog posts that mentions Christmas, you will have seen how mad about it I am. Of course, Christmas and its meaning has definitely changed over the years. It now means more to me than ever, probably because I have two little boys that I play Santa for. 

Christmas won't have just changed for me, but for everyone at some point in their lives. Families pass down traditions through the years, or new ones are formed with each generation. Christmas traditions are so unique to each family; be it the tradition of how gifts are given, or where people celebrate it, if you go to Church in the morning or what time presents are opened. It's fascinating to see how each family celebrates Christmas and what traditions have been passed down to them or they have created in their own little unit. 

Our Old Traditions 

1. As a child, I would stare at the Christmas tree and at all of the Candy Canes and chocolate that were just dangling from it, making me drool and want one. My Mum would never let us, not until Christmas Eve. So after dinner on Christmas Eve we would only be allowed one, then Christmas day we could go nuts! I try to do this at home too, otherwise they would be eaten far too quickly and we'd have none left. Only the boys usually sneak a couple and I end up finding wrappers in toy cars. 

2. Presents are opened in the morning; stockings are opened first and then presents. I don't think myself let alone the kids could wait until after Christmas dinner. 

3. Christmas dinner is in the early afternoon. We usually tie ourselves over in the morning with a few chocolates and sweets, then have the biggest tastiest 3 course meal for dinner; prawn cocktail, Turkey roast with pigs in blankets followed by Christmas pudding. We then can not move all afternoon and then snooze on the sofa. In the evening usually we just have a few bits of left of turkey in a sandwich with pickles and bits. Just writing this is making my mouth water. I am so looking forward to Christmas dinner. I think the timing of our meal is something I will always be sticking to. 

4. We usually have a family DVD and game from Santa each year for all of the family to do and watch on Christmas day. I think that this was such a great idea of my Mum's. At the moment we spend Christmas there anyway, but that is definitely a tradition I will be carrying on. 

Our New Traditions 

1. Christmas Eve Box. I think this is a fairly new idea that has come about during recent years. I discovered the idea on pinterest just before Zac's second Christmas. I fell in love with the idea and I have done it every year since. I even include some festive nibbles and drinks for the adults around too. As the children get older the content of the boxes will change but it is a new tradition that I hope will continue for many years. 

2. Advent Books. Again, I only started this last year due to seeing something on Pinterest. I just love the idea of having a festive book to read each night on the lead up to Christmas. It doesn't have to get pricey- perhaps the first year is a little more expensive but once you have a collection you can put them away for the next year. The only thing I do each year is get rid of any that are no longer suitable, so any they have outgrown and write down how many I need to order. The Works always have some fab deals on books so if you want to start the tradition- check out their store and buy a load in one go. Or go and buy second hand from Amazon or local selling sites on Facebook. 

3. Expanding the Decorations. Growing up, my parents had a wreath outside, lights and then a tree with a few little ornaments in the house here and there. Also we got a festive teddy that would stay on our beds for the duration of Christmas. I go all out. Bedsheets, PJs, clothes, decorations in each room, a festive chalk board countdown in the kitchen and even our professional photographs of the boys get replaced with the Santa photos brought from our visits over the years. I sprinkle Christmas joy wherever I can, in every nook and cranny. 

4. Our Festive Activity Countdown. If you want to read everything we get up to in December, then visit my blog post from last year; Tiny Toes and Big Advent. We have only done this last year but we are doing it again this year. There are certain things that will become yearly traditions; like sipping on festive delicious drinks in Costa and walking around our neighbourhood looking at all the sparkling, glistening Christmas lights in the dark to set the tone for the days to come. 

Those are just a few of my family's traditions; old and new. What traditions have you carried on from generation to generation? What new ones have you picked up and are hoping to continue? Please let me know in the comment box below, I would love to hear from you. 

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