A Day in the Life of a Stay at Home Mum

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a stay at home Mum looks like? Well the answers are never typical, you have quiet days, busy days, social days and recluse days. One day you're in a brilliant productive social mood and the next you are hoping for a quiet one, if your kids let it happen. Some Mums are always super busy, whether it's because they attend lots of groups or play dates, or leave the house a lot and others take life as it comes and passes by. Still, here's a typical day for me; 

7.25 Get woken by a screaming child who's Netflix has just stopped working. Daddy is about to depart after his morning hour with the boys. Up I rise. 

7.40 Set up CBeebies to stop the screaming child. They are still quite annoyed that Netflix isn't on. I on the other hand, am thankful I do not have to listen to the Paw Patrol soundtrack anymore.   

7.45 Being demanded to hold a cuddly toy whilst I am having a wee by the 2 year old. 

8.45 All dressed and all is tidied up stairs. I realise I forgot to pick up my glass of water from upstairs. So, I go back up. I didn't realise the 2 year old followed. Next I find a trail of toilet roll from the bathroom to boys room. 2 year old is sat on floor ripping toilet paper up. They are like ninjas, so quick! 

9.00 All is tidied again and we're back downstairs. Get boys their fruit salad for breakfast. (They have already had toast with Daddy) Have a bowl of sugary goodness cereal myself because it's Monday morning so why not?!

9.40 All washed up and tidied downstairs. Spend 5 minutes explaining to almost 4 year old where Daddy is. "He isn't upstairs, trust me, he's at work" Get the boys a snack because its been a whopping 10 minutes since they last ate then frantically run about tidying up any food thats been thrown on the floor.

10. Play date time. Adult conversation is so much appreciated. Trying to tell my 2 boys to share their toys on repeat, not so much. Some play dates are rainy day ones with cups of tea/ coffee, cookies and toys, some are garden days soaking up the sun and some are trips to park to let them burn off their energy. 

12.15. Time for lunch. Make up a plate of healthy mixed food. They eat about a quarter and mush and throw the rest everywhere then run off with their pals leaving the Mummies to clear up. 

1.45 Play date has left. I put the washing outside and hope it doesn't rain. Boys start to help by passing pegs. They undo all of the help by then throwing around pegs and snapping some in half.  

1.50 Change 2 year olds nappy. In the process get kicked in the face.Then spend a solid 10 minutes chasing him around to put his trousers back on. 

2. Wash up lunch and put away the dishes listening to music to try and get you motivated and wide awake, when all you really want to do is take a nap. Set the boys up with some crafts. 

2.15 House work time, today's lucky rooms are the kitchen and toilet. It takes a while, as I have to keep dipping and diving out of the lounge and keep on my toes with toddler demands. Turns out they are now hungry after refusing lunch. Get snacks. 

3. Tidy all garden toys away and tidy up the growing sunflowers. Kids play in the soil. Then they trail a soil mess throughout the house. 

3:15 Notice soil all in your recently cleaned sink and toilet floor.

3:20. Spend some time hoovering and cleaning the sink and floor. 

3:40 Sit down to procrastinate on Facebook. Check the clock, an hour to go until Hubby is home. Look at Christmas presents on Amazon with the boys, they love doing this. 

4:15. Have a frantic tidy up, not wishing the hubby to walk into the war zone of toys. 

4:40. Start dinner. Make a few different meals so that it gives the boys a choice; yes I am their slave. I usually make ours lovely, interesting or healthy and the boys plain. 

5:30. Serve up dinner. Hear the joyous sounds of "Yuck" when they see the spaghetti bolognese then "Yay you made me plain pasta instead" Then I get abuse hurled at me because I didn't grate enough cheese. I did. The 2 year old just chucked half of it over himself and the floor. 

6. Dig out the ice creams. Regret this decision 0.78 seconds later when Dylan is smearing the lolly around the table and his arms. 

6:15 Clean up the boys. 

6:20 Begin the epic clearing up process. 

7. Upstairs time. I quickly gather the washing and run upstairs with it before I leave too much time for boys to create mischief and mess alone. 

7:15. Daddy baths the boys whilst I put away the mountain of laundry. Thank goodness I don't iron, I dread to think how long this process would take if I did! I quite enjoy this quiet time too. 

7:35 Dress Dylan for bed whilst asking Zac 23 times to put his pants and pyjamas on. 

7:40. Story time. I love it when we have new books as sometimes the same stories on repeat get a little dull. 

7:50. I leave the boys in Daddy's care while I shower. 

8:15. Now refreshed, calmer and happier I sneak out and to my joy the boys are asleep and their door is shut. 

8.30 Downstairs. Time to collapse on the sofa, do some writing/ nails/ cross stitch and watch Netflix until my eyes can not stay open any longer. 

Note. This was written right at the end of summer, now my days have altered; I now have to be up at stupid o'clock and spend more minutes and hours of the day working on our new school days routine and all of the responsibilities of being a school parent. This includes spending 20 minutes a day questioning my 4 year old about what he got up to at school and not really getting any answers.  

What's a typical day like in your household? What's your favourite part of the day? Pop a comment below, I'd love to hear from you. If you want to read more blogs from this family life, then do not hesitate to press the subscribe button. Thank you! 

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