Traditions, Shopping Days and Dreams Coming True

Sometimes a quite simple ordinary day, one where you are just taking your children out with your husband to the shops, gets overlooked. It can blur into and amongst all of the other Saturdays that whiz by throughout the year. The year that has gone by quicker than the speed of light. These Saturday outings may happen several times a year, but in the grand scheme of days and their rankings in terms of fun and excitement, they are barely even noticeable. They are quite simply put; a family shopping day. 

I remember these days though, so well, from when I was a little girl. Funnily enough, they were some of my favourite days of my childhood and that's not just because I am a big fan of shopping. I loved everything about them; I loved just being around my parents and my siblings. I loved the simple joy it brought me from looking around the shops with my favourite people, feeling safe and secure, loved and warm to taking in what the shops had on offer. 

I enjoyed the McDonalds happy meals that would break up the day. I remember the tired feeling when we got in and crashed out on the sofa ready for the legendary Saturday night TV schedule to begin, which included firm favourites Blind Date, You've Been Framed, Casualty and Gladiators. I hope I manage to pass down some of my family's traditions to my little family. There was never a rush with life; we just took it all in and had a simple ordinary family day out. Now, they do mostly get overlooked, as if they are just another Saturday out shopping. Although to my boys they are the extraordinary days, just like they were for me when I was little. 

You see, when I was little, I used to dream about my future while I was walking around all of the shops. I remember looking at all of the clothes, household items, videos and toys. I remember my Mum trying on shoes and looking at all sorts of pretty dresses, with her little children following her around. I used to look up at her, admiringly, (which, of course, I still do). I used to dream about my future and what it would be like to have my own family and flock of children following me around the store. I've never really been a career person, although writing is of course a passion mine. Being a Mum is all I have ever wanted and dreamed of being. I've always dreamt about having my own family and I am so lucky to be able to say that that is what I have now.  

So an ordinary type of day to anyone else may be overseen but to me it isn't. Not all of the time. It is a reminder that that little girl I once was has had her dreams come true. Because there I am, holding my four year olds hand while he takes in all of the shops products with awe and amazement, whilst my husband is ahead, (yeah listening to his music to help ease the man pain of shopping) pushing our two year old who is chatting to any passer bys that will listen. This was my dream. And I am loving it. Yes it comes with the stresses and strains. I never imagined bringing up children would be quite as hard, lonely at times and as exhausting as this, but I also never imagined I could love two little people as much as I do.

I never imagined how much the simple pleasures in life would excite me. Excitement would have to come from something big in my late teens and early twenties, like a night out or a planned trip to somewhere. Now all I need is my Christmas organiser to turn up from Amazon, (yes really) and I am buzzing. Or some new bedsheets or an outfit for the boys. Or a walk to the park, sitting casually in the grass, taking in the rays of sunshine. The simple pleasure of bedtime arriving so that I can enjoy some actual TV rather than Paw Patrol on a loop. 

Family life may seem dull, boring or routine to some people, but to me this is my routine and my dream come true. It's having so much love to give, despite the moments where I really just want to curl up in a ball and cry as even more food is mashed into the new carpet. Parenting and family life is far from dull, for starters there is never a moment for you to even have this thought cross your mind. Family life is lots of little days, normal days, all built up to create the magic of life. For me, family life is what my life is all about, and its more than enough. It's amazing. 

So, yes, a day out shopping with my family, spending too much money, eating unhealthy McDonald's, ending with tired feet, aching knees (and that's just mummy) that right there. That's my dream come true. 

What dreams have you realised have come true in your life? Is there anything you still dream of becoming? I'd love to be a successful writer. Pop a comment below, I'd love to hear from you. 

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