12 of My Parenting Highlights

It dawns on me that things I encounter everyday, things I see or I hear and things I do are probably baffling or some things may be considered as repulsive, for lack of a better way of putting it, to other people. 

Parenting is a wonderful, magical journey. It is a beautiful experience and brings such joy to your lives. There are things that you start to do that you never thought you would, let alone actually enjoy it. There are the guilty pleasures of a parent, like being the one to pick a scab. However, parenting is also a disgusting, exhausting journey. There are times where you just want to cry and pull your hair out. There are moments where you reflect on whatever crazy thing is happening, like a toddler meltdown over you having a pee with the door shut and just have to laugh it off. These things only happen in the world of parenting. I decided to make a list that explores some of the high points that parenting has to offer;

1. It starts off when they are cute little babies; you have to start sucking their boogers out using a sucky device then as they grow, it moves on to just getting your own nail and plucking out a juicy one from your child's nose. My sister and brother in law literally heave at things like this, or if my children are snotty. Turns out, this isn't a normal activity for non parents?!

2. Celebrating a bowel movement, particularly if they haven't been in a while. There is such joy when your grumpy, upset toddler finally gets rid of their stomach ache and passes a big old poop. Also, you have to get used to cleaning up bowel movements constantly too, especially at the baby mustard poop stage.

3. Googling everything. From what the strange rash that has suddenly appeared could be to finding out who that familiar voice is on the cartoon the kids are watching on repeat. It will only bug you if you don't. Google becomes your go to gal or guy. 

4. Singing along to TV to mark the passing of the day. Let's join in; 

"Goodbye Sun, Hello Moon...." or my personal favourite; 

"The time has come to say good night 
to say sleep tight til the morning light 
the time has come to say goodnight 
its the end of a lovely day"

5. Those moments where exhaustion can't seem to worsen, when you take the kiddies out and the 2 year old decides to fall asleep whilst walking. Cue walking home the rest of the way carrying your heavy child whilst trying to hold the hand of your other as they tug and pull you to pick up every stick they pass for their collection. 

6. Being called to wipe someone's bum while you're enjoying a nice bag of skips. Yummy. Or even better, when your child's pooping routine works around meal times, so just as you're tucking into that delicious chilli, "MUMMAAAYY, come and wipe my bum!!"

7. Getting woken at 3am by an intense pain throbbing and cursing through your face. Yes, the co-sleeping is awesome when they fidget so much and randomly head butt you in their sleep. 

8. Finding new shows like, 'Bug Beatz' and secretly loving them. What's not to love, when instead of the usual paw patrol theme you can enjoy a series of Beatles classics?! 

9. One of the hardest parts of parenting I find is having to discipline your child for doing something really terrible, like launching their yogurt across the wall when you have told them not to, yet secretly you think it is pretty funny. You have to then battle with your face movements so that you don't crack a smile or let out a whimper of a laugh while you raise your voice to show disapproval. 

10. The cuddles. These are the best part of parenting. A definite high, especially when all your child wants to do is cuddle you and keep you away from the housework you weren't really wanting to do anyway. 

11. Finding half eaten fruit or food laying around in all sorts of places. Once I found a black banana in one of the hardest to reach places behind the TV. It was without its peel *gags*

12. Testing out their new toys or even better; finding out that one of their favourite characters from TV has got a new toy being released just before a Christmas or birthday. *squeals with excitement over the thought of Dylan unwrapping Sula's house this Christmas* 

What would you include in your parenting highs and lows? Pop a comment below, I'd love to hear from you. 

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