Post-Holiday Beach Blues

My eyes are drained and tired from too many tears, my head is a cloudy overthinking mess and my heart feels empty. I keep thinking back to what I would be doing this time on holiday.... or reminding myself of the holiday with items I keep seeing. I have the awareness that I am being silly, but I don't care. I have diagnosed myself with the post-holiday blues. Life as it appears right now, sucks. 

At the beginning of July, I had a great opportunity to spend a week by the sea side with my family. This was the second year in a row that we had done this, see last year's post  for details on where we stayed and some examples of activities that we have done both years. The week was glorious. We couldn't have gotten more lucky with the weather, despite England showing its stubbornness with the rainy weather most of this year, we struck gold and had bright blue skies and sunshine greeting us in Devon. The weather wasn't perfect all week, but it was ten times better than I could have imagined. 

The week was full with holiday activities; trips to the beach, walks, burying feet in the sand, building sandcastles, crabbing in the rock pools, eating chips while the children chased away sea gulls, meals out and lots of special family time. One of the highlights of this years holiday was paddling in the sea; last year Dylan had been the only one to brave the sea and paddle but this year Zachary joined in too. He even went quite far! It was so lovely to see their face light up as another wave crashed against their legs, to hear their squeals and giggles while feeling the wet sand between my toes, the water splashing my legs, cooling me down. One of life's most simple of activities, yet one that brings such joy. It was fascinating to see how the boys had changed over the past year; Zac was so much braver, whereas Dylan on the first day was so reluctant of the sand that he refused to remove his socks, luckily this changed throughout the week. 

Another highlight of the holiday was going to see The Eden Project. A brilliant, informative family day out. There was so much to see that we didn't quite fit it all in but I found it so lovely, if not a little hot, walking around learning all about how important plants and trees are in our lives. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were worn out by the end of the day. 

The whole week was active, to stay in a bungalow where you can see the sea from your lounge window was stunning and so enjoyable. To know that within a 10 minute walk, you'd be able to plonk yourself down in the warm sand, relaxing, was a massive high of the holiday. We did a lot of walking, by the end of the week I did feel done in but I also saw the positives in wearing the boys out so much each and every day; their sleep was amazing. We got lie ins more than once! The scenery is so stunning and beautiful, that whatever hectic chaos you had back home waiting for you, it made you forget it all. It calmed me down, let me de-stress and enjoy the week. 

Another highlight, and probably the thing I enjoyed the most, was having my family around all week. It wasn't because I had help with the boys, although that is very much appreciated, but it was the company. The company of my family, to me, is always the best company. As with family, it doesn't matter if one is moody, down in the dumps, happy, or hyper, it doesn't matter if one day we want alone time, or the next we are snappy. Family is family, and I have the best. They can make me laugh, or cry while choking on a drink! They make me realise how important they are, just by being themselves. They may never know how much help they are to me, but being a stay at home mum, I've learnt to live in my familiar little bubble. I sometimes stress out about things I may not need to in this bubble, but I still do. A week with them, looking out at the stunning sea scenes and breathing in fresh air all week has made me realise what is important in life. Family, love and happiness. 

Now I am back in the norm, routine, dull and stressful every day life, I feel overwhelmed, sad and I am longing to be back on that beach with my family and little guys. To not have a care in the world, to just be sat, still, taking in life is so peaceful and relaxing. Before I know it, I'm back in the real world, with a heap of washing to do, a house to clean, routine to keep, school uniform to buy, tumble drier to fix, work to catch up on, emails to write, diet to start. Before I know it, I'm back in my little stress bubble. 

Midweek though, I wrote something on my Facebook about how being by the beach was a massive eye-opener for what and whom is important in life, and what and whom isn't. I want to have that state of mind again, to enjoy the little ones each and every day, to take a pause from this stress bubble each day- be it to go on a walk, or sit and do some cross stitch in the garden. I need to remember that life is short and if I stay glum and saddened in my little stress bubble, there is no positive repurcutions to come of this, no positive insights for my children. I realised that happiness and relaxation is important, to help de-clutter the brain, free the mind and simply help you to enjoy life. 

On the holiday, I realised that the friends (the ones that make an effort, that check on how you're doing, that understand what you need to hear on a bad day and the ones you can't wait to see) they're important. Be it the non- mother friends that let you vent about life, or the mummy friends, that make you laugh and bond over motherhood on play dates, they are all important.

I realised that family is important; the bigger family with my parents and siblings and the smaller family of myself, hubby and our boys. We are important to each other, to help ground each other, support each other and have a laugh with each other. I loved being able to tend to the children more because I hadn't got the housework in the way, well let's do more of the housework that the children can be involved in or let's take a pause on the housework and just have a cuddle or build their lego for them. I am already missing my family, the bigger one; I loved the company, the laughter and the memories. They are always the ones that put the biggest smiles on my face, whether they realise that or not. It helps me see the light in life. 

Most importantly, I realised that life is definitely to be taken one step or one day at a time. Each day I woke up, all I had to worry about was that day; to remember the sunscreen, to think of lunch when we fancied it. As soon as I got home, I felt glum and sad as I'd not only love to be back by the beach or with my family, but I feel utterly stressed out about the week ahead. So I need to remember to live more in the moment and in the day. To take that time each day to de-stress, to touch base with friends and with family. I need to calm down basically, to not suffocate myself in my stress bubble but to ease myself into life, normal routine life so that the post-holiday beach blues don't get the better of me. Along with all of these realisations, I also need to plan. I need to plan the next holiday, weekend getaway, birthday or even, dare I say it, Christmas?! 

Is your family going away on holiday this year? Do you ever suffer with the Post-holiday blues? Pop a comment below, I'd love to hear from you. 

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