30 Activities to do this Summer; A Tiny Toes Check List.

The summer holidays are here. The weather has had its ups and downs; from being wetter than a freshly folded pair of socks that your toddler has just launched into the bath tub, to being so hot that we feel like our faces might be melting. Regardless of the weather, those with school children have 6 glorious weeks to enjoy with your little ones, those with 4 year olds are now on a countdown until school days begin and those with toddlers and babies, well, you have a couple of hopefully sunny months ahead. 

Whether you are excited to have the kiddies home for the summer to spend some quality time with you, or whether you are already counting down the days until school begins again, let's make this summer one to remember. We need to remember it for all the right reasons too, not remember it as that wet dreary summer of '16 where England decided to leave Europe spectacularly twice. So, without further-a-do, here are some summer time activity ideas to enjoy with your children:

1. Play with bubbles. For older children, try something new, rather than just standard bubbles; try bubble machines, bubble guns or even some edible bubbles. You can get yours here on Firebox

2. Make homemade ice lollies. These milkshake ice pops look like a treat for the mouth and will be a fun activity to do with the kids. 

3. Go on a picnic; be it the beach, some woods, a play park, or a local field. If the weather stays, well rather British, then break the traditions and have an indoor one. Just don't repeat the same mistake that I did, See previous blog post here.

4. Go to some outdoor fountains. Or if it's raining, like usual, just pop some wet suits on and go and have a dance in the rain. 

5. Go swimming. Hurrah, one for the benefit of a rain filled summer. Go and get even more soaked in a local pool, perhaps go and explore one that you've never been to before. 

6. Fly a kite. This is where the recent wind comes in handy, go frolic in the wind with a kite in tow and watch the amusement and awe fill your children's faces. 

7. Go out and feed some ducks. A brilliant simple task for the family to do, but one that brings such joy to your children and feeds nature too. 

8. Visit the beach and make sand castles. Whenever the Sun is out, go and pounce on this activity quickly before it goes back into hiding. What summer is complete without a day down the beach? 

9. Find a drive through movie. Check your local paper for events, you'd be surprised to find how many outside movies are on offer over the summer months. This is definitely one for my own bucket list, thanks to Grease. 

10. Make homemade play dough. This is another activity that luckily requires zilch Sun and in fact is a perfect one for the summer that we are likely to have ahead of us. Netmum's have got a great how to guide. 

11. Go on an adventurous walk through the woods. Make sure you set the mood and atmosphere by talking like a pirate, or space explorer to boost your child's imagination. 

12. Go to a new park. This sounds like a cop out, but trust me it isn't. Go on your local council website and they will have a list of the local play parks. A new play park is a great free choice of an activity but will have your child so excited and occupied. 

13. Outside chalk. Get some outside chalk and get your creative juices flowing. We got these ones from Asda and the children loved them! 

14. Have a BBQ. Again, this is one of those that makes summer complete. 

15. Make homemade lemonade. Quench your thirst with this BBC Good Food recipe. This is another one that can be done from the comfort of your home and rain free zone. 

16. Build an outside den or failing that, if the weather stays cloudy with a massive chance of rain, then create an inside fort. 

17. Visit the zoo. Come rain or shine, this is something brilliant to do. If a Zoo isn't for you, what about safari or a local sea life centre? See my June blog post on Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park for a shining review. 

18. Learn something new. This can be for kids or for adults. Perhaps try to teach your children something like how to ride their scooter, or how to potty train, while you pick up a new sport or language? 

19. Roast marshmallows. When it comes to those peaceful summer evenings, build a camp fire and whip out the marshmallows and smores. 

20. Star gaze. Let the kids stay up late one night and show them the magic and atmosphere of a beautiful crystal clear, star filled night sky. 

21. Visit a lake. Become one with nature this summer and teach your children the importance of this too. 

22. Go berry picking. One of my favourite activities is to go berry picking, strawberry picking in the early summer in a Pick Your Own and blackberry picking when autumn strikes down local fields. 

23. Go to a festival. Not all festivals are for pre-baby days or for when the kids are away. Check your local paper for events close to home, but there are plenty of festivals that happen throughout summer; local quiet music festivals or food festivals are great to go and explore. If going big isn't your thing and you would rather a slightly more quiet day, why not go and support a local village fete? 

24. Finger paint. For when the sun decides to take a break, create some colourful masterpieces with your children and some finger paint. 

25. Go to a crazy golf. Check local places for how kid friendly they are, if you can't find one that suits your family, then try to create your own home one. Amazon have got a brilliant kids golf caddy set here.

26. Visit a local tourist attraction. Days Out With The Kids has some fab places and ideas for places that your family can go and visit all year long. Just search your country and put in your search radius. 

27. Read some stories outside in the grass. Take a pile of books outside and sit with the children, quietly reading. It's a great way of keeping them engaged outside in the sun. Or when it's raining, create a quite comfy corner. 

27. Get the paddling pool out. Let's hope it keeps sunny for this one. We got this amazing one from Smyths.

28. Go on a long walk locally, try to find some hidden gems and fields for the kids to run about in. Ones with long grass is a bonus. 

30. Go with the flow. Most importantly, don't put too much pressure on how much you get done. As long as you and the children are enjoying your summer, than go with the flow. Do what you fancy, when you fancy it and just make the most of no alarm clocks or school runs. Enjoy your summer holidays. 

How many can you tick off by the end of the summer? What else would you add to your summer time bucket list? Pop a comment below, I'd love to hear from you. 

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