The Fab, Fearless or Ferocious Fours

The biggest little man has just turned four. Firstly, I can not absorb the fact that I have been a Mother for four years. It feels like this little guy has been a part of my world forever, yet four years isn't all that long. The journeys and adventures that we have been on since then have been exciting, upsetting, amazing but most of all they have been shared. I started the selfless journey of being a parent four whole long, short, amazing, scary years ago. 

My child turning four is both exciting and scary. It's exciting as we get to celebrate another magical event; a birthday. I love getting all involved in occasions like birthdays; from the shopping, wrapping, balloon buying to making home made decorations and choosing the right cake. It's awesome. This year we took Zachary to Weymouth, which I will dedicate a post to so that anyone who wants to check it out themselves has a good review to go by. 

Despite it being a joyous occasion, it is also scary as I realise those school days are coming quickly. The days will soon be full of books, parents evenings, homework, pack up and uniform. A wonderful exciting experience for my little man, but one that will make me weep tears both with pride and sadness that my little lad is no longer with his Mummy all day every day. I will no longer be the awesome part of his day, but I will still be the comforting, cuddling and caring part. 

As he has aged, I have recognised the stages. The baby stage was full of cuteness, watching this tiny tot grow, learning to roll, eat, crawl, stand and walk then talk. The next year was a tiny toddler tornado stage, where a cute monster basically roamed your house but you can't contain the excitement for all they learn and do during this stage. 

The terrible two's came next. The baby turned toddler in your life has suddenly developed a personality. This personality wants what they want NOW or they scream. They really can be terrible, as I am still dealing with another one in this stage now. What came next was the threenager stage. Basically, your toddler with the personality and screaming fits gained attitude. This attitude can be both amusing but exhausting, as yet again they have answered you back, or thrown a wobbly. Their independence is admirable yet frustrating. 

Zac has gone through all of these stages, I have to say, they haven't been that bad. You get through them, granted with a few sobs into some Ben & Jerry's ice cream in the evening, but it's not all bad. The cuddles and cuteness of these stages more than make up for it. My fear though, is that whatever is next may actually hit us hard this time as the others haven't. 

But what is next? I've read so many different stories that I am lost. The ones that kept repeating themselves through the parenting forums were 'The F**Ing Fours' or 'The Ferocious Fours'. This just filled me with fear. But what about fear? I've heard that four year olds can be pretty fearless, but then I've also heard that they can be pretty helpful and want to please you- that would be fab right? Or is it just all fun? As they are happy and excited about school and friends? 

I have no idea what this stage has in store for us, what next adventure life has planned for us and how the little men will cope and what they will be like. I will update you all throughout the year on what I feel the Fours are like. It's quite exciting really, what is to come? What surprises does this child have in store for me? Still, it is a little scary, as I ponder what could possibly be worse than the shopping meltdowns I have endured at the other stages, but "The F**ing Fours'? What could these kids have possibly done to top the other stages?!

Without a doubt, as my Son enters this stage, I feel nothing but pride and immense, immeasurable, unconditional love. He has enriched my life beyond what I thought would ever be possible, he has changed me to be a much better version of myself and has opened me up to a whole new world; Motherhood, and for that I am so thankful. I can't wait to enjoy this next stage with him, wether it is fab, fearless, fun or frightening. 

Have you been through the 'Four' stage with your child? If so how would you title it? Pop a comment below, I'd love to hear from you. 

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