Toddlers & Their Terrifying Tears

Children can be strange creatures. One minute they are happily playing, the next they are red in the face and screaming the house down, resembling something from a horror movie you had rather forget. The crying can be scary in itself, with them holding their breath or crying and screaming so furiously that spit showers your face. 

The strangest thing when it comes to a child crying, or in particular a toddler crying is in fact the reasons that a toddler cries. Sometimes the reason can be utterly ridiculous, so bonkers that you can not take the crying seriously and you end up having a giggle. Then, naturally, regretting that giggle as your sweet sweet child can sense you making a joke out of their serious situation and then you can see pure anger erupt from their souls. A temper tantrum is no joke, however. 

I have decided to make a list of reasons my child has cried in the past week. Just to emphasise how ridiculous the reasons can be, but not to make a joke out of my baby. Not at all.... *Chuckles to self about recent terrible two meltdown* 

1. I wouldn't let him scrub the seal to the bath with his toothbrush. He had managed to pull the bath side away a bit and grabbed his toothbrush at the ready to have a good scrub.  Evil Mummy, of course, interfered.

2. His cake bar broke in half as he pulled it out of the packet. This, of course, makes it immediately inedible. 

3. I went upstairs without him for a wee. How dare Mothers pee in peace?! When he realised I was missing, he came running up the stairs. The disappointment on his face was memorable as he saw me washing my hands. He'd missed the fun so the tears began.

4. I wouldn't let him hold my scissors. Children don't like the safety rules adults put into place. 

5. He tickled a woodlouse and it began charging at him. This has got to be one of my favourite tear induced memories. The woodlouse was playing dead, so my littlest one decided to give it a poke and a tickle only to realise it was very much alive and headed his way. The panic in his face was just amazing. He now won't go near them.

6. He ran into a door. A common reason why tears occur in the household.

7. He lost his Bing phone. He could hear it still, as it's one of those annoying toys without a switch, but he just couldn't find it.

8. He wanted to keep the health visitors ball but she took it with her. Luckily he doesn't have to see her for a while now as I definitely think he is holding a grudge.

9. I opened his banana for him, as he likes to shout, "I do it meeeselllfffff" He's 2, going on 20. 

10. I wouldn't let him eat a fourth banana. May I just add it was also the last banana in the house from a bunch that was meant to last for a few days, before anyone thinks I am the mean one here. 

11. I peeled his orange for him. I made the same mistake here as I did with the banana.

12. I stopped him pressing the delete button on my laptop on repeat. I dread to think what would have happened if I hadn't. The screaming and red faced toddler was definitely worth it in this case.

13. I took the acorn out of his mouth.

14. I took the stone out of his mouth. Why can't he just ask for food?!

15. I washed up his beloved favourite drinks bottle. Do not separate a child from their favourite bottle. 

16. I gave him two packets of raisins when he only wanted one. 10 minutes later, he then came back for another packet. The same packet I had to abruptly place back into the cupboard as he screamed at me with tears flowing down his angry face. 

17. I put his brothers shoe back on because it had fallen off. He was upset I hadn't drawn attention to his shoes and replaced his, yet his were fine, hadn't fallen off and were still firmly on him.

18. Whilst we were out for a walk, he dropped his pine cone in a dirty puddle. I didn't retrieve it as I could see there were 5 surrounding us that were not wet and muddy. 

19. He didn't want to wear his reins or go in the pushchair. He wanted to be free and wild in a busy place that I didn't want him to be. 

20. Speaking of free and wild. Nappy changes, another common tear inducing occurrence in our household. 

There we have it, just 20 of the many reasons my child has been reduced to an angry red, tear flowing, toddler enraged, mortified state. Remember the baby days when they cried for milk, cuddles and nappy changes? Simpler times. Simpler times. 

What reasons has your child cried for lately? Do you dread the meltdowns or find them slightly amusing too? Pop a comment below, I'd love to hear from you. 

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