The Sweetest Knot To Tie

They say that marriage is a sweet knot that ties together two lives and two souls. It is the sweetest knot to tie, for it not only ties the bride and groom together but it creates family ties. Ties and relationships that become stronger with time, that create unconditional love and bonds that will endure whatever life decides to throw at them. 

Those who were once strangers become in-laws. They become reliable, dependable and fantastic people in your life. 

Why am I writing about marriage, relationships and weddings? 

Well I like to make this blog topical and I like to write about things in relation to my own life or national holidays. On Saturday, myself and the Tiny Toes attended a wedding. I say attended a wedding, I was a bridesmaid and my Tiny Toes were page boys. And they were cute page boys. At first I thought I would write something like; "How to attend a wedding successfully with children" but on second thoughts, after an emotional weekend, I thought I would take advantage of my softer side. 

The day could not have gone better, the weather was beautiful, the sun was shining so brightly, and the rays were beating down and warming everybody's hearts and minds on the most incredible of days. Everything ran smoothly, the wedding pieced together perfectly like the final pieces of a jigsaw, after months of stress and hard work from the wedding party. The photographs will look incredible, because in real life the day had a sense of magic surrounding it. It's when the invisible becomes extremely clear. You can not see love, but you can feel it, so at a wedding you can see it. You see it not just from looking at the couple with their smiles beaming, but you see it in the tiny details of the wedding, the effort put into everything. 

The flowers, the bird feeder favours, the bunting, the lights, the dresses and the cake. The details of the wedding that not only show months of hard work, but show the love the bride and groom have for each other and the special people that were there on the day.  

The families all got along; the children delighted in playing together. There is nothing more amazing to watch children of all ages and sizes running around in their cute wedding gear smiling and laughing with each other. The laughter echoes around; children's laughter, the sweetest sound of all. It fills the room and the atmosphere with innocence, happiness and hope. Hope that there will always be smiles and laughter in our lives, in our marriages. 

My sister has always been an extremely important person in my life, one of the people I look up to the most. She is naturally beautiful and has a figure my post baby body would die for.... But she has a kind heart too, very down to earth and holds such admirable ethics and morals, especially when it comes to marriage. Watching my sister getting married was inspiring as I knew that this is definitely to be taken seriously, to know that her now husband is most definitely the one for her. I could not be happier with my new brother in law. He should know by now that I am not always open with people, that I get nervous and can't always be my true comfortable self around just anyone. He should also know that I am so happy to be my true and comfortable self around him. His down to earth, amusing personality really helps to make me open up around him. So, both of these important people in my life, tying the knot is one of the best things I've ever witnessed. 

It's not only myself that holds these people close to heart, its my little boys too. Their Aunt and Uncle are always mentioned in the home. For them to be able to see their Aunt and Uncle frequently is amazing. I know they are going to be looking up to them both too, just like I do. I know they can learn so much from these two people. 

Forget about algebra, forget about theories, forget about learning to make bread (although that one is pretty important) 

One thing I definitely want them to learn about is love. I want them to learn about faith, love, respect, responsibility, parenthood, admiration, laughter, peace and happiness. I can read and talk to them all I want about these values and concepts but the only real way they will learn is by seeing it for themselves, seeing what can not be seen with the eyes. I need them to feel it, to view it from their hearts and minds and to do that a wedding is the perfect starting point. 

The wedding on Saturday was my boys first wedding, it gave them an opportunity to see real love and to feel it in the air. To see families so happy, seeing them embrace with such love and admiration. It was the sweetest knot to be tied, because it gave my boys a glimpse into what love is and how amazing it is when families entwine and come together. I am lucky and very grateful to have such an amazing family and I am thrilled now to have a new brother in law and to know that his family is just as awesome as he is. 

Congrats guys and thank you for showing your nephews all about love by not only loving each other, but loving them. 

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