Happy World Baby Day

Today is World Baby Day. This is a day we get to celebrate the babies in our lives, or to think about trying for a baby. Although I feel it is brilliant to have a day to recognise babies, I also believe it's hard not to celebrate or recognise them every day. 

The joy having a baby brings is unmeasurable, the love is unconditional. 

Babies are cute, funny, intelligent, beautiful. They can also be disgusting, exhausting, smelly and hard work. Each baby is different, but the one thing remains the same. They should be loved, with all of your heart. They should be celebrated daily. 

After having lost a baby, although I get a few moments of exhaustion from time to time, I still celebrate my baby boys daily. Having lost one, I could never take the gift of my boys for granted. I always feel lucky, even on the days where they are wrestling each other and screaming for constant attention. 

For me, today is no different from any other, I will do everything the same. Every day I make sure I get special time for my boys, every day I love them the same, which is a ridiculous amount. Every day I am thankful for their presence. I treat them both differently, as their character and personality requires, but I love them both the same. 

Perhaps the only thing I shall do, is feel sad that they grow so fast. So, after the day is over and my babies are in bed, I shall spend the evening looking at photos and videos of the boys as babies and get insanely broody. Doing this always reminds me to grab the presence, grab the moment and live each and every day fully. Loving your child an insane amount and making sure you show that. Reading them that 'one more story', giving in to 'one more biscuit', giving them that hug they are so desperately after. It reminds me to embrace it all, with all of my heart, to embrace my babies. 

How will you celebrate World Baby Day? 

Pop a comment below, I'd love to hear from you. 

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