Reasons To Love Your Child's 'Why' Stage

The 'Why' Stage. My Son was approximately 3.75 years old when he hit this stage. Perhaps at first I didn't realise it, but then I suddenly pondered about how many questions he'd been asking lately. Most began with 'why'.

"Mummy, why are you getting petrol?"

"Daddy, why did you park here?"

It is really a lovely stage, filled with wonder and inquisitiveness. I guess the stage can be annoying sometimes, like when you're flustered, in a hurry and have to explain why another person is going into a shop or into the bank. Or when sometimes you don't know the answer to why. Like;

"Mummy why do animals have tails?" 

I didn't even try to answer that one. I knew it was one of those questions I'd get completely wrong. 

*Mental note to self, Google 'Why do animals have tails?'*

This stage though, it is full of excitement and awe. It's my little fish in this big vast ocean trying to understand it. My eldest is learning about the world, and his questions shape an understanding of him. The questions he asks, the subjects he addresses are not only him finding things out, but are helpful for me to see what my Son wants to learn about, what baffles him. Although, I have to say, sometimes I think he just asks "Why" to wind me up, or to figure out why I disappointed him, like;

"Why didn't you get me sweeties?" 

"Why isn't our new sofa blue? That's my favourite colour" 

I sort of like being asked why, it makes me feel quite important. It's as if I'm meant to know the answer to everything, but I really don't. Usually once we've answered a question we know, he will continue to talk about things to understand it more himself.

"Daddy walks into that shop and gives the man his money for his petrol and then he will come back."

The questions usually involve different types of answers, like;

"Why do we have 2 toilets?"

"Why are you wet?" he asks, as I lay in a bath. 

Some why questions can be a little embarrassing, such as when you're sat for dinner and they ask;

"Why are they here?" they ask, as they glare at any non- family members. 

And others are really difficult to answer while they are so young like;

"Why don't you have a willy, Mummy?"

Oh, such inquisitiveness. I think the why stage is so important. Even when it is embarrassing, a little frustrating and sometimes annoying. It's so nice to watch my Son growing up and asking why. For him, for us. Its brilliant watching his mind boggle and trying to figure it all out. Its especially satisfying when it follows with an "Aaaahhh" or "That's great". 

I think we reach a stage, where sometimes asking why is the last thing we want to really do, through fear of not understanding or comprehending certain answers, or not liking the answer we are given. I think we reach an age where we think it is impossible to learn something new for some reason, even if that reason is we just don't have the time. When really, there is so much I don't know, like 'Why do animals have tails?". From now on, I shall be taking a leap out of my Son's books, I want to know more reasons why things are the way they are. Even if I only learn for the reason that I can answer my Son when he wants to know. I will, however, be avoiding any socially awkward questions, like;

"Mummy, why has that lady got a large tummy?"

Has your child hit the 'why' stage? What awkward and funny questions have they asked? Post a comment below, I'd love to hear from you. 

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