10 Fabulous Fun Easter Activities For Kids

I felt it only fitting as I am a firm believer in embracing the seasons and everything that comes with them, that I should write an Easter post. My boys love learning about the various events and holidays that happen throughout the year, so I try to do as much as possible with them. Next weeks post is already saved especially for the birthday of my littlest man so the Easter post is coming to you all early. This is actually better for you as I have written down 10 fab ideas for you to try and do and enjoy with your little ones, that is if you can pull them away from the play dough or Bing for 5 minutes. 

1. Foam Chicks. Hobbycraft is brilliant at selling foam shapes. Buy some feathers and get your child to glue them on. This make brilliant gifts for family members. To add an extra special effect,  cut and glue a sheet of magnet onto the chick so they can be used as a fridge magnets. If chicks aren't appealing, Hobbycraft also sell foam shapes in the shape of bunnies and Easter Eggs. We did eggs last year and they looked fantastic. The shapes are usually £1, so are brilliant priced. The link to get your own is below. 

 Get Your Foam Chicks Here

2. Plush Goodies. Cut out some felt shapes and sew together a chick finger puppet and plush. These make great extra gifts to give to your children for Easter. It pulls away from the typical chocolate too so once they are on a chocolate buzz, they have some soft toys that you have lovingly handmade to enjoy. Here's a link to Hobbycraft to buy yourself a pack of felt to create plush shapes for children.

 Get Your Felt Here

3. Easter Bunting. I brought an awesome looking pack of bunting from Hobbycraft. They have a few to choose from, but I went for bunnies. We have yet to enjoy this activity, but you can place the bunnies tails and bows on the bunny yourself making it more interactive. I think this will look great hanging up in the lounge next week. As a cheaper alternative, why not get some coloured card and cut out some Easter Egg shapes then get your child to draw on them, then all you need is a needle and thread to pull through as many shapes as you make to create homemade Easter Bunting. The bunting is only £2, so amazing value as you can bring it out year after year.

4. House Decorations. I went onto eBay for my decorations and ordered two wooden polkadot decorations, one is a bunny and the other is an egg. I have quite a few hanging style decorations in the house so I have taken down some ceramic hearts to replace with these for the Easter period. They cost no more than £5 and the children love looking at them. I'll put the link to the eBay items I purchased.

 Get Your Easter Decorations Here

5. Easter Egg Hunt. I think this is a classic tradition now for our family and many. This year I ordered a pack of foil eggs from Tesco's and then I went to Morrison's for a second pack. The ones from Morrison's are brilliant, they are camouflage style, so the eggs are wrapped in foil with grass effect, mud, bugs etc. This ups the level of egg hunting this year so I suggest noting down when you hide them. I do really recommend this pack, it looks great. The kids love a good hunt! 

Tesco Eggs Here

6. Easter cards. Whenever there is a birthday or occasion, the children love getting stickers and creating masterpieces on card. Hobbycraft and The Range always sell some great packs of foam stickers that are easy to apply to card for little hands. 

Get Your Hobbycraft Foam Stickers Here

7. Easter Tree.  Although you can buy Easter trees, I have never found one that I really like so an easy way to make an Easter tree is by using twigs from the garden or go on a walk to find some. Once you've gotten some nice suitable twigs, you can arrange these in a vase or water jug or another container. I went to Home Bargains and found a pack of 6 wooden bunnies that were colourful and polkadot. They were only 79p! These will look amazing hanging from the twigs. A cheap alternative is to also make your own decorations. To do this, cut out 5 Easter Egg shapes from coloured card in different colours, then fold them in half. Once you have your folded eggs ready, glue the pieces together then place a needed and thread through the top and create a loop. You've now made a spinning 3D Easter Egg decoration. 

I can't find the product from Home Bargains online but here are some lovely Easter decorations from John Lewis

8. Easter Baking. There are so many great things you can bake for Easter. Are you brave enough to try your own hot cross buns? Or are you going to try the traditional Easter nests? Are decorating cookies or cupcakes more yours and the kid's thing? These Lemony Easter Chicks look so fun to make on BBC Good Food. 


9. Hatching Eggs. Do you ever want to give your child a different gift for Easter that doesn't involve chocolate or sweets? Look no further than here. Hatching Eggs! I hope they are exciting as they sound, this year we are treating our boys to some hatching eggs from Waterstones. Again, unfortunately I can't find the link on their website but I have found the product on eBay Hatching Dinosaur

10. Local Events. There are some great local pages on Facebook to follow, or local event pages but if you are stuck for something to do for Easter this year, The Independent have some family Easter Events on the following link; Family Easter Events.

I hope you all have a lovely Easter time and the lead up to it! 

What traditions do you have when it comes to Easter? Pop a comment below, I'd love to hear from you.  

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