Mummy Seuss; My First Adult Attempt At A Poem

One of my favourite times of the day is story time. Some of my favourite books and rhymes come from Dr Seuss, so I thought I would give it a go and do a Mummy Poem inspired by Seuss. Be gentle with the criticism, I don't think I have had to create my own poem since GCSE's. Now I feel old.... too too old. 

Being a mummy can be fuzzy and it can be funny
It can be fab and fun but then turn to me being done
I find myself reaching for the wine when it comes to bed time
But I'm fine, I just like to whine with my wine and have some Netflix time

I find it rather scary thinking we may get louse in the house
I won't find myself with wit if I come across a nit
Alas I'm done with this bit, also don't mention the sick
As I have had enough of that, it really takes the mick

I think it's rather strange when the poo sticks like goo 
And its stuck in the loo when the child's done a number two
Not to mention that horrible soaking feeling
When the pee goes all over me, the shoes and the ceiling  

I turn to rhythm and rhyme this time 
But sometimes I cautiously and carefully mime 
A rude word after the food is deemed no good and not fit 
It's thrown everywhere ruining my mood just a little bit

And not to mention the toys, the toys toys toys
Of my boys boys boys
Once thrown all over my place there is no haste when asking for the iPad
While I wish for the return of hubby and their Dad

Despite all of that I think it's kinda cute when you sing

Or get excited about your TV friends; The Twirlywoos and Bing

I'm not sure which is worse, when you ruin my clothes with your dribble

Or when you go crazy and fill my walls with your crayons and scribble

The amount of things in the home you guys destroy

And I have to look and say "That's my boy"

You go all hyper and chocolate enraged and run run run around

While I try where I can to stand stand stand my ground

Yes, being a mummy can be scary,

It can also be crazy.
That's why I will stay very wary,
But I wouldn't have it any other way- zzzz.

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