A Birthday Letter To My 2 Year Old

I thought that I would do something different this week to celebrate the birthday of my littlest man. If he could read; this is the letter I would show him and I probably will when he is older. 

Dear Dino, 

It dawns on me that although I call you the baby of the family, you are now a fully pledged toddler. This week you turn 2 years old. This both excites and terrifies me at the same time. Where did the last 2 years go? 

I feel like time has been evaporating like spilt water in the hot sun. I can't seem to catch up with your growth and everything you do before you change again. You have grown so much yet you remain so small. Your clothing size is a good 6 months to a year behind what you should be, making you tiny compared to others. But just because you are small, it doesn't mean your personality matches. 

Over the past 2 years, I have watched you grow, not just with the milestones you reach; like crawling, walking, talking, but with your personality. You were always a smiling, happy baby full of giggles for anyone that was giving you attention but now you have so much more to your personality and I am constantly learning new things about you. 

I like to say you have a split personality.... One half is this sweet, charming and innocent looking side. Your cheeky grin makes sure that you get away with some of the mischievous behaviour you get up to. You love a kiss and a cuddle and whenever someone is upset, you are right there to wipe away their tears. You are so charming and love the company of my friends and the rest of your family. You always ask after your Grandma and your favourite person, Grandad. I hope the bond you are creating lasts as it is lovely to watch you snuggle up to him and tell him nonsense, or hunting him down in his own home to grab a shot on his iPad. The fun you have with your Aunts, Uncles and Grandma is also so warming to watch. I'm glad you've been blessed with a close family as I know you will never be without anything. They've helped and supported me in so many ways that I just know they will do the same and more for you.  

The other half of your personality is of Dilly Dinosaur, as your brother and I like to call you; the tiny tornado that rips through the home in seconds. For the sheer devilment, you like to destroy whatever gets in your path, be it ripping pages out of your brother's favourite books, launching the toys across the living room, biting or hitting your brother or making a mess out of meal times, you do whatever you please with such a force and frown on your face. Surprisingly you, the tiny one, have become the bully out of the two of you. I find myself comforting our eldest and his cuts or bleeding lips far more than I should be. Your Aunty calls you a feral beast, and that you are but I think this has given you a hardened stomach as you're rarely poorly *touch wood*. Even recently I can recall the most grotesque thing I have ever seen you do, which is put your fingers in your brother's sick bowl and then lick them. The bowl had been washed but it wasn't exactly germ free. A force not to be messed with, when you're in your tiny temper mood your arms flap about and the house becomes your battlefield. I have, however, started to give you cuddles when you're in this mood and you soon turn to your softer side. 

Aside from your personality, I can note that you are independent, a challenge, active but brainy. Super brainy. Your speech and language is coming on a treat, and is so sweet. Having watched back some videos of your brother and yourself, I realise this toddler talk doesn't last long before you are just talking like a normal child. So I am making the most of the cute phrases you learn and churn out. You show little fear in the things you do, which as a Mother is what I think is the most worrying aspect to you. 

2 years. It isn't really that long when you become an adult. But it is the most amazing and fascinating first 2 years anyone ever has. Not only do you go from a baby to a toddler, you learn to do so many important things in such a short span. You develop who you are, your personality, your likes and your dislikes. Not only is this massive for yourself, but it is for those around you as we learn all about you. This not so new person in our life. 

I've not just learnt about your personality and the skills and talking you have mastered, but I've learnt about the huge impact having a second child has had on our family, the confidence it has given me as a Mother, the companion it has given to our eldest as a brother. We have grown strong as a family and a simple day in together is sometimes all I need for the perfect day. The way you have changed me as a Mother has amazed me. With my eldest he fit in to whatever I was doing, whereas now with 2, you both together have guided me into learning to become a better Mother for you both. I enjoy our walks, our crafts and our family time. You guys are my priority and I love how having 2 beautiful bouncy boys suit me. 

I was always worried about how you and your brother would get along. I needn't have. Although you have your brotherly fights which do frighten me and you have your bickers and moments when you just shout "No!" and "Mine!" at each other, you are close and not just because you have to be. I see him caring for you, wiping your face and hands when you are mucky, cuddling you when you're crying because Mummy has told you off for doing something probably dangerous or disgusting. I watch the way you play and tickle each other. The smiles on your face, the giggles that echo around the room. I had you because I never wanted your brother to feel alone, I wanted him to have a companion for life and I think that I have achieved that. I am a proud Mother. I can not wait to watch you grow up, with him, your best friend by your side. 

Now to enjoy the birthday celebrations!

I love you, my delightful dangerous daredevil Dilly dinosaur. 

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