What Would Be On My Parenting CV?

If you had to write a CV to apply to have another baby or for whatever reason you needed a parenting CV, what would you put? I thought it would be fun to write mine, so here it goes. 

The bounced on sofa
The toy filled living room 
The loud, noisy and manic house
My beautiful neighbourhood
In a gorgeous Countryside 

Name: Mummy Hodson. 
Aged: 26, going on 40. 
Occupation: The dreaded and under-appreciated stay at home mum. 

Previous Experience: 2 boys; 3 years and 2 years. 


1. Being able to cook dinner whilst folding the washing, refilling a toddlers drink on demand and pondering to the needs of the 2 year old. Even if it means holding and entertaining him while making the spaghetti bolognese. Call me a multitasking queen.
2. Putting on make up in the quickest time possible while reciting the story of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff.
3. I specialise in making different animal noises. Sort of. Scratch that. I am creative in making different animal noises while changing a putrid nappy.
4. I excel in story telling. I even impress myself sometimes.
5. That lounge, kitchen, hallway and bedroom that is littered in various toys, clothing articles, books and food leftovers? No problem. Can tidy that up in less than 10 minutes.
6. Can fetch out the 3-4 discs jammed in the PlayStation.
7. Can bake delicious cupcakes and other sweet guilty pleasures.
8. Learning the theme tune to TV programmes. Guilty secret: I like the Callow show soundtrack.

Areas in which I need to improve:

1. I can not decorate cakes for the life of me. This may fail me when it comes to Children's parties in the future.
2. Not gagging so much when changing a dirty nappy. Pretty such that's not too attractive.
3. Pulling myself away from the housework and just being in the moment, playfully, peacefully with my boys.
4. Maths. I need to freshen up on this for the impending school and homework days ahead.
5. Breaking up fights. These happen far too often nowadays and I haven't quite got the knack of breaking it up quick enough before the tears start.
6. Mastering the art of hair washing in the bath. This also follows with tears when it happens. Note to self: find the ring that goes on their heads.

What parenting skills would be on your parenting CV? Or what areas do you feel you need to improve in? I'd love to read some, pop them in the comment section below. 

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