Why We're In A Hood Of Our Own; Motherhood

Let's celebrate motherhood for a moment.

Motherhood can be the most lonely and one of the most difficult experiences ever. But do you know what really boosts me and gives me a power kick and feel good feelings? Other Mums. The kind, friendly and empathetic ones, not the sanctimonious ones, that is.

Whether these Mum's kids are all grown up or are still babies or whether these lovely ladies are pregnant, other mothers that chat and talk to you about their experiences and their feelings gives me the biggest boost and make me so happy. It makes me proud to be a part of the hood that is motherhood.

Recently I underwent an operation in hospital and I was in a room sharing with a lady. We were both very nervous, a little drugged up, but we soon started to talk and then warm up to each other. She was a good 20+ years older than me but do you know what? We bonded. We bonded over all the similar experiences we have been through, we bonded and laughed through the joys of motherhood and children, siblings and schooling.

The subject that we most bonded about, though, was tradition. I am a traditionalist. I am a stay at home mother because that is what I have always dreamt about, I had the same growing up with my mother always being about and I wanted nothing more for my own children. I don't find anything wrong at all in mothers going back to work full or part time, but for me the only option was to be at home. Usually or at least half or the time this is frowned upon, I'm then asked what career I shall be following etc etc like being a mother isn't good enough right now.

I will have a job or career later on but why does life have to be rushed? Why does it need such big plans? Such big thoughts when our children are still so little? Why do I need to think ahead, when all I need to think about is the here and the now with my sweet babies?

This woman sat opposite me though, and she gave me nothing but praise, because she is a traditionalist too. She knew all the blood, sweat and tears that goes into daily living with young children under the age of 5. Whether you are "just a Mum" or whether you are brilliant and hold down a job at the same time. She knew how hard balancing life and children is. She knew. She had lived it all herself.

Like I said, there is nothing wrong with women going back out to the work place but why can't it be each to their own? Why can't we just support each other as fellow women? We are all battling hidden demons. We all battle with day to day life, whether it's the business of having a job whilst juggling the housework and kiddies at home, or nailing the housework (as much as its possible) and spending every day with your children but having that overpowering feeling of loneliness.

Let's put our heads and hearts together.

I didn't feel alone that night in hospital. I didn't feel scared or nervous any more (which is really rare for me in a hospital setting) Instead, I felt empowered as a woman with everything I have been through, I felt lucky to have what I have in life. I felt proud. I felt respected for the first time in ages.

At such an unsettling time in my life, where the past is becoming blurred, my present days rush by without a chance to check whether things are running how they should be and my future being so uncertain, it is so important to have supportive family, friends and people around you. I am glad that I do. So the only wish is that passers by could be nicer, those you first meet. It is so easy to judge and tell someone how they should be doing something, but not so easy to be in one another's shoes. I think it's brilliant when people can come together and show support, love and encouragement, despite how long you've known each other. I know I could be more supportive, so I will continue now to try with strangers, to try and help with those I pass that may need it. Even if it is just a few kind words, to remind someone why they may rock.

We're in this hood together; its motherhood.

Have you got a loving supportive network around you? Do you wish there was more support for us Mums out there? Pop a comment below, I'd love to hear from you. 

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