A Mother's 10 Strengths & Weaknesses

Since becoming a Mother, there is no doubt about it, I have changed. In particular, my strengths and weaknesses have changed. What I used to be great at; shopping, staying up ridiculously late watching all sorts of films, work and socialising has all dulled down a bit. Instead, I've become a pro at other activities, such as changing a nappy in 10.8 seconds, (no, I have not actually timed myself). Here are a few things I feel have changed within my personality, my new strengths and weaknesses; 

1. Before children, I used to be able to watch horror movies, thrillers and paranormal films without even flinching. I prided myself with how I didn't find the films scary, just when someone would say "Check this film out, this has to scare you" I would laugh it off, Chucky wasn't scary, it was cheesy and old. Now? There is no way I can sit through any of those films with ease any more. I don't know why? Perhaps it's because I see the World in a different light now, a scarier light. 
2. In the same way, I can no longer read a news article or watch real life tragedies. I used to have a tougher skin, now whenever I read about tragic events that are happening all around us, be it the big or small events, no matter what, it effects me in a way it never did before. I now feel so much pain for anyone involved. I feel frightened that we live in such a cruel and scary World. I feel protective, that I have to ensure I keep my Children as safe as I possibly can do. My emotions run away with me now, nothing is digested from the media in the same way. I feel weaker and full of emotion.
3. I used to find a child screaming and crying non stop quite a hard thing to listen to, now, I can calmly absorb the sound while getting on with life. Whether its my own child, or one out in a supermarket, as long as the child is safe and is just screaming for the sake of a tantrum or just because they do sometimes, I can listen and it just does not grate on me anymore, I know its normal and a part of my life. I can absorb it a little less well when I over did the drinking of Baileys the night before, though. 
4. My patience has massively improved. Has anyone seen a child trying to dress themselves? Or walk out of school to the car? It is a painfully slow process as are many things with Children, so I do feel like I have gained patience from these experiences. Now, when I'm stood in a supermarket queue and the people in front are taking their sweet a*s time, I no longer care as much. As long as the kids are behaving in the trolley, of course. 
5. I can no longer handle shopping for long periods of time, but on the plus side this has probably saved me heaps of money and I know how to work through a town full of people to get what I need, to be in and out. I long for the days I can go shopping with a best friend in tow, taking my time.  But for now, I will focus on the silver lining of having wardrobe room and money for plenty of Ben and Jerry's to see me through those child fuelled 'Give me Ice Cream' evenings. 
6. Although the majority of the time if you ask me how I am I'll say "Shattered! Exhausted!" etc I do feel like I have marginally improved with dealing with less sleep. I won't lie to you, when we had a bad weeks sleep when we were poorly, I cried over the smallest of things and I have in the past woken up and literally cried for my bed and sleep. I even did that today. However, I can be up super early with all my chores done by 10am and geared up for the day with my little family. I still wake up between 2-3 times a night with the boys, but it feels normal now and to some extent I believe this to be a strength, because in the days I'd stay up watching films late and working in a cinema, I'd not wake up till midday and still feel groggy, then not do anything all day. Now I've learnt to cope with the grogginess and tackle and embrace life with open arms, a mouth that constantly opens to yawn and tired drooping eyes. 
7. Appreciating the small things in life. Now I seem to notice more when the seasons change, the bulbs start showing or the leaves start falling. I notice now because I am taking everything in and embracing it. Not just for myself but for my boys. Things I over looked before having kids are now not only looked at but admired and enjoyed a lot more. 
8. I can actually sit down and watch cartoons. For anyone that knows me, knows I used to struggle to watch anything animated. I have no idea why. Over exposure to something you don't like definitely works its magic, I love Bing and Disney films now. I appreciate films like Arthur Christmas and programmes such as Adventure Time. I don't, however, appreciate the likes of Dennis the Menace and Horrid Henry. Thats due to a different matter entirely, though. 
9. I've found myself becoming more creative. This is probably because I have a very crafty creative Son. I am constantly being asked to help with many Mr Maker magazines, or trying to creatively make pictures out of their food so that they will eat it. I think all of this combined has definitely made me a more creative person, which I can not fault. 
10. I've stopped taking things for granted. The small things, like being able to pee in peace or sleep for a good solid 4/5 hours, to the bigger parts of life like friendships and the good days and amazing memorable moments we have. I see how precious life is because every day my main goal is to protect to lives, to cherish them, watch them grow and nurture them to make sure I give these lives the best I possibly can. Due to this I have a lot more appreciation for life and all the good things. I see this as my main strength now. 

How has Motherhood changed you? Pop a comment below, I'd love to hear from you. 

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