Parents and 10 of Their Post Children Arguments

A lot of things change after you have children, from how quickly you can get ready in the morning, the state of your house, what you eat and your everyday routine. It all changes. What the Hubby and myself have recently noticed is that the arguments you have with one another also changes, it increases and sometimes its just over silly little things. I decided to write a list of what I have found we argue about, you know just for fun.

1. Who was the person to get up last at night. I've always been lucky that hubby has helped with the night feeds and nappy changes but it didn't stop us trying it on with who had gotten up last, even if it was for a 'false cry'.

2. Who feels the most tired in the morning. Somehow you win an invisible medal if you're the most tired or have gone through the most trauma, like a child kicking you in the face at night.
3. Whose turn it is on the weekends for a lie in. I'm lucky that again usually the hubby does get up for me. However, when it probably is his turn for one, I can't help spin some dramatic story about how bad my previous day/night has been or use my womanly issues to my advantage.
4. Who has the biggest lie in. A lie in for me is 8am now I have two tots. It's 10 am for the Hubby. Not quite sure how thats fair. He argues its 9am, however he isn't the one up glaring at the clock awaiting my husband to come down and show his presence so I can run up and have that glorious hour to get myself ready slowly and kid free.
5. Whether the kids brush their teeth before or after breakfast. This has been an ongoing debate. I always do it before breakfast, so I know its done and then I don't have the traumatic process of dragging the kiddies back upstairs to do something they try their hardest not to do. For some reason the husband freaks out about this, he believes teeth can only be brushed after breakfast. I'd love to know your thoughts.
6. When the annoying, wriggling and screaming stage of a babies life hits they suddenly become a nightmare to do a nappy change with or a clothing change. We used to bicker a lot about whose turn it was, and when we had two of them, we would try and opt for the easier older child that could half change himself. In the end, to be fair we decided to take it in turns and switch babies each night.
7. Who's turn it is for a nappy change. This is still an on going debate that happens over my toddler's nappy changes in our house. Particularly if he has done a poop. He hates nappy changes, he likes to roll over or reach down and touch his parts just as your wiping it all up. Therefore, I like to make sure the hubby does his fair share of the changes.
8. Discipline. I think discipline is seen differently between husband and wife, mother and father. It will always be an on going argument about how things should be done, or what deserves a telling off or not. I see this in most families, and remember it well growing up. I would always be more fearful with my Dad telling me off, as my Mum was a softie. You knew you had really messed up if she did the telling off. I am always telling hubby to pick his battles with the kids, more things they do seem trivial to me. Also I let them fight from time to time, they're brothers, that's what they do. Whereas the other half doesn't let them get away with as much. I'll appreciate this toughness in him once they reach the terrible hormonal teen stage and I turn to him for help. Also, take note men, women will always part with their children and pick their sides. It's this natural instinct they have, so no the child did not mean to take your limited edition Terminator DVD and shove it in the washing machine right before I turned it on. It was a pure mistake, they just wanted to clean it for you. I'll take the blame, I should have seen it.
9. When certain house chores need doing. I'm a clean freak, I know that. Sometimes this annoys the hubby when I have to rope him into doing certain chores that he feels don't need doing, or need doing tomorrow.
10. The usual one most couples have, which is when the woman finally gets sick of asking their partner to do a particular job. Ladies, sometimes its best to just do it yourself! However, they can get the hump that you didn't get their help as they didn't get to act all chivalrous.

Being a parent definitely changes the way couples argue. I have to say though, we end up laughing or smiling and it adds to the fun of the journey we have embarked on together, bringing up our boys. We are in this together, through the good times and the literally poopy times. I couldn't be more thankful that I have someone to argue with about this tiny part of the parenting journey.

What do you and your other half argue about? Pop a comment below, I'd love to hear from you. 

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