While The Children Are Away, The Parents....

Whenever I have some rare precious time to myself, I am caught unaware about what to do. I suddenly have light empty arms, where a toddler was clung to me moments beforehand, and a silence in the air where my 3 year old would be usually bossing me about or asking a gazillion questions about Monsters Inc. Then theres this hole, this empty hole in my presence where usually it is filled with tears, tantrums, giggles and just business that revolves around children. I miss them. So, like people usually say I try to make the most of this time, and on date nights I also try to make the most of the time when my children are being safely looked after by Grandparents. This is a few things I find us doing while the children are away;  

1. Tidying the house so it is a peaceful zone, without dinosaurs to step on or random pieces of cucumber littering the floor. It is the quickest tidy up you can ever do, a tidy up that stays tidied up.

2. Taking a bath with bath bombs and bubbles with pure relaxation and no little hands "washing mummy"

3. Eating that Galaxy Bar in the lounge, in the open without the fear of it being claimed by the three year old for their own. 

4. Ordering a takeaway and the same applying or going out for dinner without the 19 month old having a melt down because they have zero patience when it comes to eating out. 

5. Sitting randomly and peacefully in silence, with nothing else going on. Nothing to hear, nothing to do. Just silence. Breathe it in.

6. Making yourself a cup of tea, knowing it will be drank nice and hot without any spillages on clothing while the children sweep through the house crashing into you. 

7. Texting your Mum/ babysitter for an update on what children are up to.

8. Missing them dearly. Then counting down how many hours are left before you are reunited. 

9. Enjoying that peace and quiet before sticking on a TV series knowing you don't need to plug a baby monitor in and be disturbed.

10. Watching a horror movie, again, knowing the screams of doomed characters will not wake your little ones.

11. Phoning your mum or babysitter to check on the status of the kids.

12. Using the toilet facilities in peace without a toddler climbing up you, throwing things at you, staring or spraying you with the taps. You even get to shut the door. And lock it.

13. Spreading out like a star fish in the bed, just layer your legs over the husbands, he doesn't mind. There is space, no babies in the bed!

14. Laying awake wondering if said babies are ok.

15. Wishing you never watched that horror movie, because some how the house is more eerie when the children are away. They suddenly seem like the ones who keep you safe. 

16. Sleep. Glorious underrated sleep. All the way through, no milk feeds or nappies to be changed. Just sleep. Solid sleep.

17. Waking up at silly o clock still because your sleep clock is messed up from having kids.

18. Texting Grandparents/ babysitter on update of how children slept. Then being very thankful that you got that sleep in, knowing you will probably be up a lot tonight. 

19. Having a delicious breakfast. No expense spared, it's not very often you can stick the adult stuff on Netflix at an appropriate time in the morning, while enjoying your partner's company in peace after being well rested. Time to fuel up ready for the fun to begin again. 

20. Getting stupidly excited to be reunited with your children, only for you to feel very sad that they clearly don't seem bothered that you have reappeared, let alone went in the first place. 

What are your favourite parts of date night? Pop a comment below, I'd love to here from you. 

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