The 24 Hobbies Of An 18 Month Old

If an 18 month old could write a list of hobbies which they enjoy, this would be it; 

1. Pulling plug sockets out, or switching things off while they are in use. This is especially funny when they are trying to hoover and it takes them no less than 20 attempts or when Mummy is straightening her hair and she doesn't realise! Hehe.

2. The nappy change game; this consists of see a nappy- RUN. Or trick them into thinking you are co-operating, let them take the old one off then RUN. Extra points if you manage to do a wee while it's off. Love it when that happens. It's extra extra points when it's on the clean bathroom mat.

3. Getting the cereal or bread out and emptying it onto the kitchen floor.

4. Everything my brother does. If he's playing with a certain toy, then it must be awesome so I want in on the action. If he's doing fun crafts with Mummy, I'll join in and I like to make it extra fun by throwing the crayons everywhere so they have to run around and get them. If he's jumping on the sofa, or climbing things I want to do it too. I want to do everything my big brother does.

5. Kicking the freshly folded laundry all over the floor. Mummy's face is just LOL when I do this. Sometimes I like to mash up my Wotsits or similar into the floor then take off the washing from the radiators and trail it through my master piece.

6. Sometimes I like to get dry socks and pants out of the tumble drier and make them all wet again by sucking them.

7. Chucking food everywhere is my all time favourite. I have tamed down with this a little, now I just do it when I'm full. I need them to realise that I'm finished and do not want anymore. I swear food tastes better off the floor anyway.

8. Picking the phone up and making important phone calls. 

9. Shutting myself in the toilet, then as quick as I can shoving my hands down the toilet and playing with the water. So fun. That is until I get tackled and forced to wash. Ugh. 

10. Rearranging the bathroom cupboard. This activity is best played whilst Mummy is trying to bath, shower or go to the toilet!

11. Sucking on a teat. My parents still give me a bottle as they think I'm a milk monster and I try my best to say "milk please" in the cutest way I can but really I just like to suck on the teat for hours.

12. Climbing up and dancing on the big table. Then reaching bits my parents think are "out of reach" just to prove them wrong. It's amazing what you can do in the 2 seconds Mummy is helping my big brother on the toilet. 

13. Kissing people. I'm a charmer. They enjoy the kisses until I lure the adults into thinking I'm a cutie and I sting with a bite at the end.

14. Knocking over or destroying anything my brother has taken the time to make.

15. Emptying out DVDs from the cases, putting them into washing machines or putting a few at a time into the PlayStation.

16. Making the Xbox tray go in and out.

17. Licking the French door windows. Particularly enjoyable after Mummy has just cleaned them.

18. Opening kitchen cupboards and getting the various fun bits out.

19. Waking my brother up whenever he falls asleep. Hitting usually does the trick.

20. Pulling books off the shelf but sometimes I like to sit and read them in my mini bed cutely.

21. Pressing the same button on a noisy toy 50 times until Mummy reaches for the headache pills.

22. Breaking books. Including Mummy's, or ripping her mail or lists before she needs them.

23. Generally behaving the way a mini tornado would do inside a house or like a feral animal.

24. Being cute despite all of this. A skill I have mastered. 

End note: This blog post is just for humorous purposes; I'm not saying that my 18 month old doesn't do these things, because he really does but I am aware of the dangers of some of them and I make sure I am always around to stop him. Those with an active toddler should know how hard it is to be on the ball and stop any of the above from happening at times, but my house is very much baby proofed and I am always around to stop anything dangerous happening. They are born without much fear, so of course I guide him where necessary. 

What hobbies does your toddler have? Pop a comment below, I'd love to hear from you. 

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