Family, Fireworks Why I Am Excited About The Festivities

We've entered that time of the year when it is not unusual to hear the sound of fireworks popping, banging and fizzing in the crystal clear cold night sky. 

Halloween has come and gone, the trees have shed the acorns littering the ground with thuds and now the leaves are falling silently through the Autumn air. Bonfire night is now a mere memory just like a firework shooting into the air and then disappearing, majestically into the night sky. Winter is on its way. Christmas is coming.

I got to a point in my late teens and early 20's when only certain things excited me; seeing friends, gigs, nights out. Bonfire night would just be another night to me I didn't even care to plan to go to a display and would only mildly enjoy the home ones my parents would get. Christmas had lost its sparkle for me. It was still an occasion I looked forward to, but it  wasn't magical. It wasn't exciting. I wouldn't be too organised with my presents, I would just make sure I got them on time and I wouldn't go crazy about it. 

Now? Post kids and post horrible hormonal stage of my life? It's only my favourite time of the year and I am a fully pledged Christmas freak. Everything excites me, even the small stuff. Why? You may be thinking what a boring life I lead to be so obsessed over a certain time of the year. It's not that though, my life is far from boring. 

So why, why is everything so amazing, fantastic and exciting again? 

Because of my children, my two beautiful boys. I get to live it all through imaginative, creative and innocent eyes. Excited eyes. 

Halloween this year was the first I had ever done something for it. It was the first time I'd blu tacked bats on the wall and made pumpkins out of paper plates. It was fun, it was exciting because they thought so. My children gave me the urges and wants to create ghosts, carve pumpkins and bake spider cupcakes. I loved it, I embraced it. 

I'd never even thought to make bonfire crafts out of empty toilet papers and I'd ever been so excited to go to my parent's for our annual bonfire night weekend. Family is everything to me and I am so thrilled to be raising my children into such a loving, caring, supportive and fun family. 

We had our bonfire night a couple of days after the actual night so we could celebrate it on a Saturday and everyone could be there. Family friends came too. The food, the company and the fireworks were amazing as usual. My eldest ended up running inside crying, as the fireworks were too loud. It was the first year he'd done that so was a surprise to me. We'd been so excited for fireworks night, counting down the days. Perhaps he didn't realise they would be so loud. Despite that, he still loved making and watching the Guy Fawkes get burnt on the fire and his eyes lit up as he held and twirled his sparklers at the end of the night. That's all I want in life. I want to see the joy and excitement light up in my children's eyes. I want them to squeal and embrace life, embrace the seasons and festivities. 

Christmas is coming. I couldn't be more excited, despite feeling a little less organised then in recent years. I have so much planned over the next 6 weeks for the boys and myself to do. The countdown to Christmas has begun, my favourite time of the year. It's not about my presents anymore, I can't even think what I want this year yet. I do know that the most important part of it will be my family. My little one and my big one. I can't wait to do all the Christmassy things; to make cards, open advent calendars, make paper chains, drink hot chocolate with candy canes, take the boys to see Santa and watch the Christmas lights pop up and light up the world, our world. 

The excitement in my boys face will fill me with feelings and pride so deep it will be hard not to well up. I can't wait to embrace this Christmas and winter with my family; my parents whom do so much for myself and the boys, my husband who has to put up with my constant nagging on what Christmas items I want to buy, (This year Christmas bedsheets are a must!) I can't wait to spend it with my brothers and sisters and their partners who never fail to make me smile and laugh and my children. They are the whole reason I feel giddy just thinking about how much I love this time of the year; living the excitement and season though their eyes, as their Mum. It's all just fantastic. 

Do you celebrate bonfire night? Let me know how, pop a comment below, I'd love to hear from you. 

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