The 14 Changes I'd Make As A Parent

Parenting is a beautiful thing, it is amazing and so rewarding. However, there are a few tweaks I would make in life, if I could, just to make parenting that little bit better; 

1. I'd make children's toys quieter, or at least have a filter where only children could hear the annoying voice or music blasting out but the parents be blissfully unaware to it.

2. I'd make their poo smell of flowers, sweets and fresh air. And also develop a sense inside the babies so they know not to move, fidget or try to touch their nappy area during a change.

3. The effect a 20 second snooze has on tots. It's the difference between tucking them nicely up and being able to watch a film with a bottle of wine or running around after a hyperactive baby all evening while they undo everything in sight.

4. Crayons wouldn't stain walls. Or there would be a special spray you could spray over the crime scene and the markings would magically disappear. 

5. Jars of baby food wouldn't be bright orange. This doesn't affect me anymore, but I stained far too many beautiful baby clothes and bibs back in the day. 

6. Vegetables would taste amazing so I wouldn't have to bribe my children to eat them. The beige palette of turkey dinosaurs and potato waffles would cease to exist. 

7. Babies, particularly of the younger variety, would be unable to catch colds, flu and stomach bugs. 

8. Baby jabs would tickle and not hurt their poor legs and would be mandatory for everyone. 

9. Babies and toddlers wouldn't find pulling plugs out, DVDs off of the shelf and washing off of the radiators fun. Toys would be super appealing and do their job. 

10. The second a plate, bowl or cup is placed infant of a child, there would be some sort of extra special force in action, where only a responsible adult would be able to remove the item. Imagine the clean floors! Also, food being thrown would only end up back on a plate or in mouths with this special force in action. 

11. Parks would be kitted out with comfy sofas that would withstand rain so parents could sip on tasty hot drinks and watch, relax and enjoy. Parks would just be safer in general, I get so sick of seeing empty larger cans laying around. 

12. Shops wouldn't place eye grabbing awesome things right next to the till so that your child goes mental when they are told they aren't allowed them. 

13. Teething would not hurt. In fact, the teeth would tickle the gums and make children be super happy and sleep and eat lots instead. 

14. Last but not least, bedtimes would always be calming and relaxing and children would sleep all through the night in their own beds. Then in the morning, they would come and give you big cuddles and kisses and be in the best mood. 

What would you change in the life of parenting? Pop a comment below, I'd love to hear from you. 

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