Baby Seeds

Recently in our household, we have been discussing the possibility of an addition to our brood. Although we are not ready to have this addition just yet, we are planning when to plan for them. This for me is exciting in itself as it's a confirmation that our family is still growing, we still have so much love to give and adore our children so much that it would delight us to give them another play mate for life. Having come from a big family myself, I have loved having siblings around myself and I only wish my children grow up as close. 

So with these conversations happening around our Sons, it's only natural that our eldest would pick up on it. Randomly he will come out saying he either does or does not want another sibling. 

One evening he was talking about me having another and came up to my stomach and said; 

"I don't want to go back in there" 

"Well good, I should think not. You're far too big now" I smirked. It must be so baffling for children to understand where babies come from. 

"My brother doesn't want to go back in there too" he carried on, standing up for his brother. 

"No no, he isn't going back in there either. Once you come out and grow big, there is no going back in my tummy" 

"Oh good" he seemed relieved right up until I then said; 

"Maybe another baby will be in Mummy's tummy one day. Hopefully a baby girl" 

His mouth opened ever so slightly and gazed at my belly button. He then poked it.... 

"In there? Only a baby boy" 

"Well Mummy is hoping for a baby girl, would you like that? We could do her hair and nails then and she could wear pretty dresses" 

My Son then slowly nodded. He was finally coming around to the idea of a not only a new baby, but a baby girl. He then questioned how the baby gets into my stomach. This was a conversation that I was no where near ready for. What do I say? 

I was on the spot. And that my friends is when I created my baby seed theory. And he believed me. 

I explained to him that Daddy has to go on a hunt for some special seeds, only the best can do. When Daddy gets the seeds, he then gives them to Mummy to eat. Then over the course of 9 or so months the baby seeds turns into a lovely beautiful baby. Then they have to leave and come and meet us because they're ready. I then compared it to baking a cake (typical bun in the oven theory). 

He seemed so excited, so he turned to Daddy and told him to go and find such seeds. Then I explained that they weren't ready yet, we weren't ready yet. 

After this conversation though I now feel fully ready and encouraged that whenever we are ready, he is onboard and his innocence has not been threatened in any way. Relief. I survived the "Where do babies come from?" question and personally, I think I did very well!

Have you had the question put before you yet from your youngster? How did you handle it? Or if not, how do you plan on handling it? Pop a comment below, I'd love to hear from you.

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