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Yes, The Time Really Does Fly By

When I first had my eldest, every fellow parent around me, be it my mum, the woman down the road or a friend that already had a toddler, would tell me to make the most of the baby days and to cherish every moment because it goes so fast.

I used to hate being told this, firstly I knew how quickly time went, or did I? And secondly, it was hard to cherish the moments where sleep was missed and baby just screamed whilst being held for hours due to colic. How could I cherish these moments? I felt like a zombie. I missed the old me. I missed my body and sleep. Of course I loved this tiny human I’d created, but there were moments I couldn’t cherish because it was too hard.

But then that length of time I thought I knew, suddenly wasn’t so long. It was quicker. Quicker than ever thought of. And they grew up. Some things got easier and some things got harder. I don’t think parenting is ever really easy, we swap sleepless nights for waking up and the boys fighting each other and throwing toast at …

I'm making an important promise to myself, for my children.

I’m making a promise.

I'm making myself a promise to play more. 

Recently I’d been contemplating life and how quickly my boys have grown. As soon as my youngest turned 4, I began to panic. How was is that he was 4? Did I no longer have a toddler? I thought about the years and how they’ve flown and how quickly my children have grown.

Yes we’ve had fun.

But have I really really made the most of playing with them? 

I mean really. Not just sitting on the floor, scrolling through Facebook whilst nodding to them. Or sitting in the garden, not really playing, but just watching them.

No I haven’t.

I know it, I recognise it almost daily. I need to do more with them. I need to play more with them. Before they’re suddenly grown up and no longer wanting to play with me. Before the technology, game systems and grumbles take over. I need to indulge in their childhood, to make an effort.

A friend of mine leads such a busy life, I don’t know how she does it all, but she’s created a new evening routine. After dinner, they sit down and play a family board game. Every day. This way, they get to have a play all together and at a time that suits everyone. The children get to spend time with Mummy before she has to get back to work. I can imagine that they appreciate and love this quality family time.

It inspired me.

I need to play more. I need to make time everyday. More than once a day to indulge in my children. To be more involved. 

So, I’m setting myself a challenge. I’m promising myself that I will play more. And I’m doing this for us all.

I’ve written this in advance, but I will be spending the next month playing more.

I will be writing my progress and findings on a future blog post, so keep an eye on that! Why not subscribe to my blog? Or follow my Facebook page to see how we get on!

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