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How It Felt When I Became An Aunty

When I found out that my sister was pregnant, I was excited for her, happy for her. But I didn't really know what it meant for me. Perhaps it meant nothing. Afterall, I have two beautiful babies of my own. Even if they are all child aged now. 

It then dawned on me after a few days that I was going to be an Aunty. The only person in my family to not have a title like this yet. An Aunty. A new role for me as a person. And my husband would be an uncle. This was both suddenly exciting and interesting for us. 

As the weeks went by I was then excited by the fact that this would be a new addition to the family. A play mate for my boys. And then when I saw the scan my eyes welled up. I got emotional. Happy emotional. This tiny little baby on the ultra sound scan picture was MY niece or nephew. Blood. And I felt love. Already. I felt the tears prick my eyes. Loving tears. Excited tears. I just looked at it and thought, "I'm going to love you. And so are my boys" I knew that we …

12 Things You Wish You Could Say As A Parent

Parenting can be so hard. We try and do so much with our days; from housework, work, helping with homework, cooking and entertaining our children whilst trying to keep any shreds of sanity we have left intact. Not forgetting to try and fit in the all important 'me' time. Children are exhausting. I feel like my two boys are on the go constantly. They are always needing to be fed with snacks and then instantly burning them off by running around as superheros fighting each other and saving the world. But we wouldn't change the parenting lifestyle or our babies for the world, right? Still, a Mum can daydream and below are a list of the things I wish I could say as a parent- but I won't be holding my breathe anytime soon! 

1. My children got up and dressed by themselves, leaving me to have a peaceful coffee and to get myself ready without any protests today.

2. We got to school with zilch complaining and they were so excited about the day ahead. They even gave me a big cuddle and said they would miss me. 

3. The children played and shared so nicely together. They even tidied up all of their toys after, I didn't even have to ask. 

4. I really needed some time to myself earlier, reading a book, so the children occupied themselves with a puzzle on the floor in front of me and I enjoyed a nice hot cup of tea. 

5. Did you know Netflix has taken 'Caillou' off?

6. My Son did his homework and reading so quickly today. He really enjoys doing it, so there is hardly any fuss made. The teachers set such fun activities to do that it hardly feels like a chore. 

7. I only had to make one healthy hearty dinner for everyone tonight and it went down well without any waste. 

8. They've made a law in which all toys now have to have volume controls and off switches. Plus batteries are now half the price they used to be! 

9. Compare the Market have made a section for toys, now it's even easier to grab a bargain for your Child's birthday or Christmas. 

10. The school are now providing the school uniform for free- no more worrying about replacing those school trousers every time there's a hole in the knee. As for those school shoes, Clarkes have decided to come down in price.  

11. Toilet training really is no fuss. My Son doesn't have accidents, he doesn't even need help wiping his bum! 

12. They've invented a low calorie chocolate bar that tastes just as good as Galaxy. 

What do you wish you could say as a parent? Are there parts of parenting that you find harder than others? Pop a comment below, I would love to hear from you! 

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