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How It Felt When I Became An Aunty

When I found out that my sister was pregnant, I was excited for her, happy for her. But I didn't really know what it meant for me. Perhaps it meant nothing. Afterall, I have two beautiful babies of my own. Even if they are all child aged now. 

It then dawned on me after a few days that I was going to be an Aunty. The only person in my family to not have a title like this yet. An Aunty. A new role for me as a person. And my husband would be an uncle. This was both suddenly exciting and interesting for us. 

As the weeks went by I was then excited by the fact that this would be a new addition to the family. A play mate for my boys. And then when I saw the scan my eyes welled up. I got emotional. Happy emotional. This tiny little baby on the ultra sound scan picture was MY niece or nephew. Blood. And I felt love. Already. I felt the tears prick my eyes. Loving tears. Excited tears. I just looked at it and thought, "I'm going to love you. And so are my boys" I knew that we …

6 Ways To Celebrate Valentines Day As A Family

Although Valentines Day is usually celebrated between couples, I am a firm believer of enjoying everything the year has to offer and taking part in even the small events as a family. So be it bonfire night, Halloween or Valentines Day, we try to gain some joy in even the little things. 

Why celebrate it as a family rather than just as a couple? Well, I am not saying to ditch a date night for being surrounded by your miniatures screaming for "SNACKKKSS" on demand, however, I think it is really special to have an element of family time around or on Valentines Day. So even if this is a great opportunity for you to have a date night, perhaps spend some time in the morning or the evening before with your children. I don't think we say how much people mean to us enough, whether they are our children, friends, partner or family. I want my children to grow up and know it is ok to be mushy and soppy. It's more than okay. Life is too short. So Valentines Day is the perfect day to for me to shower my children in so much love and get them to join in too. To celebrate LOVE. 

So, how can you enjoy and celebrate Valentines Day as a family? 

1. Get Crafty. It could be as simple as creating some Valentines Day crafts and pictures. My two little boys just love getting crafty. They are always wanting to make things. So, this is a great opportunity. Perhaps they could make cupids arrow? Or make heart paper chains? Check out this website for Valentines DIY decoration ideas. 

2. Valentines Baking. There are so many fantastic recipes out there for valentines day. Get the children to help you whip up some sweet treats. Look at these delicious red velvet sugar cookies.

3. Get your children to make a homemade card for someone they love. This could be for you, a sibling or a grandparent. Nothing beats a homemade card made with love and effort. Why not try this bouquet hearts card?  

4. Have a family lunch out. Don't fancy the busy romantic atmosphere on Valentines night? Why not take your family out for a meal in the day time instead? Check out these amazing looking healthy strawberry snacks for Valentines Day that you could put in a box and take out for a mini picnic- just remember to wrap up warm! 

5. Take your children on a lovely relaxing stroll. Nothing beats a bit of quality family time. You can even print off this mini beast spotting sheet to give the children something to do. 

6. Snuggle up with a family film and get cosy with some cuddles. Your children will love being snug and wrapped up in your love. You could use this list of 100 top family films to work through as inspiration. 

I always shower my children with love and affection, but they also love celebrating occasions throughout the year, baking and being crafty so why not celebrate Valentines Day as a family? It’s gives us a great excuse to do all of the above with the most amazing theme in the centre; love.

Take a look at these 8 Steps To Becoming Mindful Mum too on some tips on how to be more mindful this Spring. 

Do you celebrate Valentines Day? Pop a comment below, I would love to hear from you. 

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