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Yes, The Time Really Does Fly By

When I first had my eldest, every fellow parent around me, be it my mum, the woman down the road or a friend that already had a toddler, would tell me to make the most of the baby days and to cherish every moment because it goes so fast.

I used to hate being told this, firstly I knew how quickly time went, or did I? And secondly, it was hard to cherish the moments where sleep was missed and baby just screamed whilst being held for hours due to colic. How could I cherish these moments? I felt like a zombie. I missed the old me. I missed my body and sleep. Of course I loved this tiny human I’d created, but there were moments I couldn’t cherish because it was too hard.

But then that length of time I thought I knew, suddenly wasn’t so long. It was quicker. Quicker than ever thought of. And they grew up. Some things got easier and some things got harder. I don’t think parenting is ever really easy, we swap sleepless nights for waking up and the boys fighting each other and throwing toast at …

Why We're Excited For Advent

Advent is just around the corner. In just over a week, we will be able to indulge in festive films and magical music. I will be able to deck my halls with glistening decor and adorn my bed with the comfiest Christmas duvet. 

I love the start of advent. For me November is a busy month as I am constantly on the go trying to make sure the house is as de cluttered and ready for the festivities as it can be.

I’ve spent the last few months having a bit clear out and doing some home improvements. I’ve changed the garden up a bit, got a window cleaner to do the outside of my windows. I’ve cleaned the inside ones, painted all of my doors downstairs and painted the downstairs toilet and the bathroom. I have De-cluttered and sorted out every room.

I’ve also gotten ahead with the Christmas prep so that I can truly make the most of what is definitely the most wonderful time of the year for me. Each year, I write a list of at least one festive thing to do each day; from donating to a food bank to decorating a gingerbread house. To see a complete list of of advent activities, look at my blog post from 2 years ago; Tiny Toes And Big Advent.

I feel so ready to enjoy the thrills, excitement and joyfulness that advent brings. I can’t wait to see the faces of my little men light up with each activity we do. Especially the first day, not only have they got a traditional chocolate calendar, (A Mario one this year- a sign they are growing older) but we also have got them a toy one. My eldest has a Lego City one, the youngest a Schleich farm animal one. They are going to love opening up a little surprise each day.

We are also doing Elf on a Shelf this year. The last few years I have seen the popularity in this rise tenfold. But we have resisted. However, after seeing a cheap option in The Range- we have decided to partake and add yet another magic element to advent for my Sons.

As usual too, we are doing our book advent like we do every year. It is so warming, to know that each night the boys can open another book on our festive story time countdown till Christmas. This tradition doesn’t cost much either now as once we had the collection we can just re use the same books each year. I tend to sell or donate the books the boys have out grown or don’t enjoy so much and then each year I just have to buy one or two new ones to replace the old. This is definitely something I hope my children will enjoy for years to come.

I love all of our Christmas traditions and I do try to do something new each year, so this year will be Elf on the Shelf. 
Do you have any traditions? I found a lot of families do, click here to read about my traditions. As soon as December starts, Christmas has arrived for me. We can then watch Christmas films and listen to Christmas music. The festivities will have arrived. So then each day goes quickly.... and before I know it Christmas day will be here.

What are your advent traditions? Pop a comment below, I would love to hear from you. 

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