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Why It's Important To Have "Me" Time and 6 Ways You Can Achieve It

All I wanted was 10 minutes. 10 minutes to just sit down. In simple peace, calm and quiet. To scroll through Facebook maybe, or to read a book. To play on a game or paint my nails.

10 minutes. 10 selfish minutes.

It wasn’t just that it was the Easter holidays.

I forgot to set myself boundaries. I forgot not to expect too much of myself. I just kept extending my to do list, despite the fact that I had children at home on their Easter holidays and that they were both poorly at different times.

We had chicken pox sweep our household recently. My children weren't overly ill with it, my youngest certainly suffered more than our eldest who caught it exactly 2 weeks after. So we were cooped up a lot during the holidays, but it wasn't just that. There were many reasons why I craved peace; 

The children were poorly, they were bored, it was raining A LOT so even the garden wasn't an option on half of the days, my to do list kept getting longer, the children didn't sleep great so we w…

8 Tips To Help Beat The January Blues

We are now half way through January. Time still seems to be speeding up as the boys grow. If you started the year with an upbeat can-do attitude, then I admire you and would love some of that sent this way. If however, you find January a little blue, or you're positive outlook is starting to look a little more bleak, then it is time to shift things up a gear. Here are my tips to help beat the January blues and sparkle a little colour into your life again. 
  1. Treat yourself. Even if you do not feel brave enough to face the sales, why not order a little online treat to be delivered right to your door? 
  2. Have a de-clutter. Getting rid of old junk really does help the funk. It will leave you feeling much more organised and less stressed. A good clear out helps to start the year fresh and leaves plenty of room for all that new stuff you and your kids can cram into the drawers and wardrobes. 
  3. Start a new project. Be it signing up to a course, a new exercise class or a more personal project to do with the home or hobbies. I have started a new project of doing the boys room up. New storage, new wall stickers and new layout. Also a new bed for D. I am also going to be setting myself some goals of things to make this year like some quiet books and cushions for the home. Starting a new project will distract yourself from any worries you have. Whenever you are feeling a little glum, then you can turn to your project and set yourself some goals for it. 
  4. Get absorbed in a new book or TV series. Media has the power of escapism. Escapism really does relax yourself and help to forget about the stresses you have, leaving you calmer and more ready to take on what's ahead. 
  5. Confide in a friend. Arrange for a meal out or a coffee so you can unload your blues onto a friend and them do the same to you. If your January is looking rather chaotic, why not phone a friend? I had a long phone call with a friend the other day and it definitely had my spirits lifted. 
  6. Plan a few exciting things, be it plans for an upcoming birthday or a little mini weekend getaway! Having things to look forward to will help to distract from the January low. You can even help the children to look forward to upcoming events by making a homemade countdown chart. 
  7. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to lose weight or keep to those resolutions. January is just another month but with far too much pressure. Why do it? If you want to make a change then it can be done any month of the year as long as you put your mind to it. The more pressure you pile on, the more stressful January becomes. 
  8. Listen to some new music or put some old classics on from when you were a teen. Dance around the house while your kids just stare at you as if you've gone crazy; they should know by now I went crazy ages ago. 

What do you usually do to help lift your mood? How do you find January as a month? Pop a comment below, I would love to hear from you. 

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