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Why It's Important To Have "Me" Time and 6 Ways You Can Achieve It

All I wanted was 10 minutes. 10 minutes to just sit down. In simple peace, calm and quiet. To scroll through Facebook maybe, or to read a book. To play on a game or paint my nails.

10 minutes. 10 selfish minutes.

It wasn’t just that it was the Easter holidays.

I forgot to set myself boundaries. I forgot not to expect too much of myself. I just kept extending my to do list, despite the fact that I had children at home on their Easter holidays and that they were both poorly at different times.

We had chicken pox sweep our household recently. My children weren't overly ill with it, my youngest certainly suffered more than our eldest who caught it exactly 2 weeks after. So we were cooped up a lot during the holidays, but it wasn't just that. There were many reasons why I craved peace; 

The children were poorly, they were bored, it was raining A LOT so even the garden wasn't an option on half of the days, my to do list kept getting longer, the children didn't sleep great so we w…

Tiny Toes' Christmas Gift Guide

I am going to share something special with you all this week. I am going to share some links to one of my favourite stores online and the amazing clothes and gifts they sell. It really is such an easy great place to do your online shopping, it has fantastic quick delivery and friendly customer service. I always end up panicking towards the middle of November if my shopping isn't done, so cuddle and cosy up with a cuppa and get cracking. Here is a Tiny Toes' gift guide for Christmas, just for you.  


I always get myself in a muddle when it comes to shopping for friends, I always worry if they will like their gifts or if I am spending enough. I get myself so stressed, but when I came across the gift items on Truffle Shuffle I realised I needn't have. These items are affordable and would be such a treat for any friend I know. 
I know a couple of my friends would absolutely love this duo of lip balm. Alice in Wonderland lip balm duo is only £5.99 and makes the cutest Disney gift. I think we are at a great time, when even adults can admit their obsession with Disney without judgemental stares. I don't know many people that aren't in love with all things Disney so I think any gift related would be greatly received. 

Just as amazing, this Alice in Wonderland Pamper Me Disney bubble bath looks like it will be so indulgent and would make a brilliant gift for a fellow Mummy friend to unwind and relax. At only £3.99 it is affordable and pretty. It would sit looking beautifully on the side, making a welcome change to any children's toys and bubble baths in sight. 


I love this DC comics batman egg cup and toast-cutter set. I think it would make a unique, useful but fun stocking filler for children. I know if my boys ate dippy eggs that they would love it to be presented in this way. It's still worth getting for the toast cutters and I know my husband would be willing to use the egg cup! The egg set is priced at £7.99.

If your children are fans of Batman, it is worth taking a look at this cool Batman bath time duck. Throw out the old dull yellow ones and get a collection of super hero themed ducks instead. Again, this would make an awesome stocking filler. I always try to have a bath time related product in there. At just £4.99 this is unmissable. 

This Ridleys Retro Lights and Sounds YoYo priced at £4.99 looks so vintage and fun. I would make this part of my stocking filler stash in a flash. 
Has your child got the Frozen Fever? Look no further than this Frozen Fever Book Bag to put a huge smile on their face on Christmas Day. The pretty pink book bag is priced at £5.99. 
Is your child crafty and creative? How about buying them this Little Miss Make Your Own Plush. I know this is something my kids would enjoy. It is priced at an affordable £6.99 and would keep them entertained and hopefully quiet for hours. 

Truffle Shuffle has a great selection of clothing too. This Stick Man T-shirt has caught my eye. My kids love Stick Man and I know they will be watching it on repeat at Christmas time. The T-shirt is £15.99. 

For the Whole Family 

Each year, our family gets a new board game to enjoy over the Christmas period from Santa for everyone to enjoy. I couldn't think of anything more perfect than this Disney Monopoly Board Game. It looks like so much fun and would put a cool twist on the traditional classic. This item is priced at £29.99. 

One of my favourite Christmas adverts of all time is the Coca Cola one. For me, as soon as I have seen it I know that Christmas is well and truly on its way. The traditional advert gives me all the warm feels, so this decoration would suit me down to a tee. My boys love snow globes, so this is definitely going to be a decoration fit for our house. You can purchase your own Coca Cola Polar Bear Snow Globe for just £12.99 here.  

For the Other Half 

I have brought many T-shirts from Truffle Shuffle in the past so I can definitely vouch for the quality. One of the tees that has caught my eye is an exclusive vintage gamer t-shirt. The Mens old school gamer t-shirt is only £14.99 and would make a great gift for the guy in your life. 

I always do a stocking for my husband too and I always struggle for ideas for his stocking. This Marvel Comics Trivia Quiz provides me with an exciting gift to put in there that the whole family can join in with too. Bonus- it's only £4.99! 

I could browse this website all day looking at the amazing stock as they have so much to go through and look at. I really think it is a go-to place for Christmas presents and I certainly have brought my fair share of gifts and clothes from there. It is affordable and fun. The website is full of the geekiest, funnest, most practical and gorgeous items. I found it a few years back and as my husband is quite geeky it has become a firm favourite. It is full of movies, Disney, TV shows, vintage items and quirkiness. For more ideas and items that you could use for Christmas, visit the site for yourself: 

If you found this gift guide and review useful, please do leave a comment below. What websites do you use for your Christmas shopping? What was your favourite item? Leave a comment in the box; I would love to hear from you. 

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